We Miss You Guys

So, we're still busy with WriteOnCon and kids and all that stuff, but here's a quick post so you don't forget us! If you're over there and haven't found us yet, search for Erica Olson and christy_h.

There are tons of great things to find at WOC again this year. I was a little worried that it would be the same stuff as last year, and maybe there are a few, but there's lots of new things. Truly something for everyone.

Since we're all bloggers around here, I thought I'd share a few notes I took on yesterday's live chat with Sara Megibow on Platform. Apparently, it's important. ;)  (and she stressed that these are her viewpoints and not necessarily shared by any/all other agents. Also, she works primarily with debut authors and things likes sales numbers would be more important for established authors)

- Every writer should have a website. It doesn't have to be expensive, but try to include a professional author photo, a bio page, a news page (I'll be at this conference, I got an agent, etc.), and a link to anywhere else you exist in the webosphere. *note to self: get a webpage  Have it BEFORE you start querying.

- Blogs are good, too. She advocates the "be yourself" approach to a blog - post regularly (at least a few times a week) and it doesn't have to be about writing. Having a lot of followers is good, but content is more important.

- For her, if she likes your query and the first few pages, she will google your name and see what she finds. If you don't have a web presence, she will not request a full.

- Group blogs are fine, but have your own webpage. *note to self: get a webpage

- If you can manage it, have a web presence including: webpage, blog, FB, and Twitter. If you aren't going to keep them current, stick to only one or two.

Also, we both made it into the Secret Agent conntest over at Miss Snark's First Victim Christy is #40 and Erica is #31. Come check us out. Because, well, we don't want to be the only ones with no comments and then look dumb.

Erica's also in the agent contest over at Blackbird in my Window. Why yes, A New Day does have two different first pages. Thanks for noticing. (sigh)

Lastly, Erica has 2.5 days of summer vacation left. Crap.


  1. Yay for WriteOnCon! Have fun and good luck ladies. Great advice from Sarah, thanks for sharing it. I've found that I can do everything~pages included~with a blog that I could do with a website though. So, no website for me.

  2. I'm having some fun with WriteOnCon, too, which is totally unexpected! I'm so glad all you YA writery people are talking about it.

  3. Wow.

    You girls are busy. Congrats on Miss Snark and Blackbird Erica and Congrats to you Christy for Miss Snark.

    I hope to pop by WOC tomorrow. This week has been just nuts for me with personal crap.

    See you there.

  4. I've been enjoying WOC when I can get over there :) Good luck with your contests! Erica, enjoy your last 2.5 days of vacation. And Christy? Remember to get a webpage :) BTW, if you're a member of the Author's Guild they have a very user-friendly site for setting up a website...

  5. You two are busy people! I was not able to do write on con this year because of my college responsibilities and kids, but I'm glad you two can participate. I have an author website. Glad to know i can't really go wrong as long as it looks professional.

  6. I loved Sara's live chat on platform. Though didn't she say having a blog was okay too as your website? I thought so. Good luck at Miss Snark's!

  7. I enjoyed the entries for the secret agent blogfest. I've added my comments. Well done both of you. :O)

  8. Id like to invite you folks to come to Amish Stories for a recipe for "Famous Pennsylvania Dutch Sticky Cinnamon Buns" along with a book signing schedule for Amish fiction writer Wanda Brunstetter for Pennsylvania and Ohio as well as a contest to meet her. I hope everyone so far is having a great weekend. Thanks everyone. Richard from Amish Stories.


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