Our Co-Writing Jouney, part 4 of 3 (stuff that makes us laugh)

Thanks so much to those of you who are reading the pages of The Text Message right now! We're so excited to this close to the query trenches again (no, that's not the part that makes us laugh. okay, maybe a little!)!

Go ahead. You know you want to watch it. We'll wait.

Over the past year, erica and christy have exchanged thousands of emails, mostly about our kids husbands food ms**. Here are a few taken completely out of context and meant for your enjoyment. Go ahead, laugh - we did! Oh, and we hope you had a great Christmas/Holiday season and we can't wait for the excitement 2013 brings!!

*erica's green*  *christy's blue*

ooh, boy and girl would be fun. i was thinking two girls, but boy and girl would be fun.

How do you not know what donkey basketball is?

3-4 chapters a week. that'd be about 2 months to write all 20 of my chapters and do some revising and editing, right? see? we'll be done by april!!!

Pretty soon I'm going to stand in the doorway and stare at them until they feel uncomfortable and leave.

titilating. is that a word?

I lost everything.. . Have fun with Castle. I'm letting Laptop sleep on it for the night. I'm sure it'll be back to itself in the morning. ;)

oh, and a medium-well steak that mooed at me.

My Amazon "suggested titles" list looks like a porno in the making.

[Son #3] is chewing through power cords.

Tons of bunnies here. A new crop just born this past week.

I'll think of something brilliant to say too!

This email brought to you by "Sentences that start with the word And." :)

Have you ever watched Regis and Kelly?

And finally, I bring you erica's famous last words: We can always fix it later.

**the moral of the story is - if these people can finish writing books, you can, too. :)

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