10 Reasons This Week. . .(nvm, we don't want to swear)

We, erica and christy, are not prone to violence. However (and truthfully, this is erica speaking) if even one person on this planet wishes for this week to repeat itself, well, you'll find us (okay, erica) resorting to this:
10. Last Saturday was my husband's nephew's wedding. My youngest son was the ring bearer. He woke up on Saturday with a 102-degree fever.
9. I hopped my kid up on Tylenol and we made our merry way to the wedding. Yep, mother-of-the-year here. (hey, at least I win Aunt-of-the-Year, right?)
8. My husband's on a pretty strict diet and I called the wedding-dinner-hall-thingy and asked them for an alternate meal. My husband *apparently* didn't want anyone to know about the diet, so he was PISSED when he found out I blabbed, even to strangers. Plus, his meal was very tiny compared to the rest of ours, which did nothing to make him happier. Umm, yeah.
7. I just blogged about his diet. Please don't tell him or he may never speak to me again. (but if you do, mention that I think he's doing awesome. because he never believes me when I say it!)
6. My youngest missed both Monday and Tuesday of school because of a 100-101.8 fever and cough.
5. On Monday, the aforementioned groom said he ended up in the ER due to a high fever and cough and had to get IV antibiotics. 
4. Tuesday brought a little bit of health to my family, so my husband and I left the kids with his parents and went to a poker tournament, where we both won seats to a tournament in Las Vegas in November. (don't cheer yet, trust me. . .)
3. My oldest son woke up Wedneday morning with a sore throat and 100.4 degree fever. I left him with some Dayquil and ibuprofen and went to work because the poker tournament took until 10:30, so my kids slept and their grandparents' and I didn't know about his condition until 15 minutes before school started. Yep, mother-of-the-year right here!!
2. My teaching assistant's son took her son to the doctor the first morning he spiked a fever and the kid tested positive for Influenza A. My kids are on Day 7 (in case you're counting) and I'm still going with the "It's just a virus" defense. (for the record, they didn't give the other kid anything but cough medicine for the flu. trust me, my kids are on cough medicine. So. Much. Medicine.)
So - and I don't do this for sympathy, just for laughs and commiseration - the #1 reason this week sucked (brought to you in two parts):
1.5 On Wednesday, my husband and I sat down and discussed a plan for doing 2 vacations in the next year. One for us to Las Vegas next November (the seats we won gave us both a really great deal - mostly it will just cost us airfare) AND something we can do with our kids that would be better than usual. We figured if we save $50-75 per week from now until the middle of summer for one and mid-summer until November for the other, we could pull it off without much of a problem. SCORE!
1.0 On Friday, I found out the Head Start grant I have worked under for the past 9 years won't cover expenses this year (by no fault - or knowledge - of mine). Therefore I will have a $50-75 per week cut in my wages for the remainder of the school year.
So, yeah, don't plan on asking Karma to give you a do-over on THIS week. That bi**ch hates me and I'm not afraid to slap her.
(this post softened by a nice smiley) :)


  1. Don't worry. This week is over and it's never coming back. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  2. What a week. Only problem had a big job reading the type, particularly the smaller stuff, but the larger was not terribly clear either. Just to add to your week.


  3. OMG, your week was definitely worse than mine, but it's great that you can see the humor in it! Your post had me laughing! :)

  4. Yuck! Sorry you had a sucky week. If it makes you feel better, I found out I owe the IRS a lot of money this year. So, I have to come up with that before April while also immediately starting to withhold more from my paycheck for next year's taxes. Groan.

    Hope all your kiddos are better soon and you get to go on your trip anyways!

  5. Lol! Don't worry about the mother-of-the-year-award. A mom's got to do, what a mom's got to do (yep, I've slammed medicine into mine for something like a wedding once or twice). And *ummm* mine went through the whooping cough and I thought it was a normal cold. (Yes, they were all immunized, but somehow this 'new' strain came through.) How's one to know all these things??? :)

  6. Oh man. :hugs: That was and awful week. Here's hoping the coming one is better for you.

    And congratulations on both winning seats. I know how hard that is.

  7. Oh no! I'm sorry things have been rough. Things should be on the uphill slide now. Does that help? No? Okay, then. Karma! You BI**H! Does that help?

    Even if I was of no help, I hope things settle soon.

  8. But at least your poker luck's holding, right? Right??? :D

    omg, that flu bug is BAD, and it's just going around all over the place. Sorry to hear your little munchkins got it.

    Try taking it easy. And lay low for a bit... :D <3


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