MOONLESS by Crystal Collier is out in PRINT!

Erica and Christy are honored to be a part of the Blog fest celebrating the release of MOONLESS by Crystal Collier.  Read on to learn more about the fest, the prizes and, of course, the book!
If you lived in a society where arranged marriages were a la mode,
who would you beg your parents to set you up with? Why?
(Literary characters and celebrities welcomed.) 

Erica says: Okay, so I cheated and googled "literary crushes" because I went out with friends last night and am a little hung over (still, at 3:00 in the afternoon) (I don't pretend to make good choices, but hey, it was fun at the time) and I couldn't think of anyone. SO - I'm going with Westley from The Princess Bride. I've never read the book, but I was 12 when the movie came out and I've seen it approximately 8,357 times. Although I've never found Cary Elwes himself very attractive (your results may vary), Westley has everything a girl (and her parents) could want - a loving and kind heart, loyalty like no one could ever match, enough money to retire young, and swordsmanship that could come in handy if that zombie apocalypse ever comes around. :)

Christy says:  Well, I was planning to cheat and google "literary crushes" but after reading Erica's response, I decided it would be a double cheat since she'd already done that....  So, I spent today wondering who I would ask my parents to marry me off to (Even my husband was no help when I asked him for ideas.  He couldn't think of a better person than himself.) I tried to think of books I've read in the past year with love interests that kept me coming back to the book, and one did come to mind.  My choice....Will Herondale.  He's dark-haired, blue-eyed, loyal, romantic, self-sacrificing, and sarcastic.  He doesn't let anyone get close to him in order to save their lives, living without love only so that those he loves will live in safety.  When he does give in to the love he feels, he is an utter romantic.  What more could a girl want than a man who says this to her:
"Life is a book, and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read. I would read them together with you, as many as I can, before I die---"
—Will to Tessa Gray, Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

What do YOU say?  Please tell us in the comments!  (But before you do THAT, read about MOONLESS a historical fiction novel for young adults.  It's written by Crystal Collier and it's out in PRINT TODAY!!!)


In the English society of 1768 where women are bred to marry, unattractive Alexia, just sixteen, believes she will end up alone. But on the county doorstep of a neighbor’s estate, she meets a man straight out of her nightmares, one whose blue eyes threaten to consume her whole world—especially when she discovers him standing over her murdered host in the middle of the night.

Her nightmares become reality: a dead baron, red-eyed wraiths, and forbidden love with a man hunted by these creatures. After an attack close to home, Alexia realizes she cannot keep one foot in her old life and one in this new world. To protect her family she must either be sold into a loveless marriage, or escape with her beloved and risk becoming one of the Soulless.


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  1. I love Wesley. I read the Princess Bride, but did watch the movie quite as many times as you have. He would make a wonderful husband, especially since he would basically say, "As you wish" all the time. I love a guy who caters to my every need.

  2. Congrats to Crystal. Looking forward to reading this.

  3. Hah! Two votes for Will thus far, two for Wesley. (He's my own brand of epicness as well.) You two had me rolling there for a minute. =)

  4. Sounds like two great choices to me!

  5. I'm probably one of the few people who's never seen The Princess Bride. I was born out of my time, and am really unfamiliar with a lot of modern movies and actors, even famous ones.

  6. Ha! Self-sacrificing, sardonic and romantic--interesting combination!

  7. Oh, Cary Elwes' lips...set me up with those any time.

    I think it's adorable that Christy asked her husband for his opinion. Of COURSE there's nobody better than him...

  8. Great answers! I cheated too and picked my husband. And, I cracked up at Christy's husband's answer - too, too cute. :)

  9. Westley is a great choice. (I think Cary Elwes is wonderfully handsome in the movie.) And, Christy, your husband's answer is great. :)

  10. now imagine if you went on a venturous double date?? yum!

  11. Will seems like a tortured soul. His goodness would freak me out and I definitely wouldn't feel worthy. I guess that's partly why I picked someone a bit more self-absorbed. I also can't believe I've never seen The Princess Bride. I will have to remedy that--it looks like a great movie.

  12. This is the first time I've heard of Will Herondale but I'm intrigued now to found out more ...
    And I'm yet to see The Princess Diaries but Cary Elwes isn't a bad choice. Loved him in Men in Tights!

  13. Oooo, la la! Super cool picks! Love them!

  14. Congratulations Crystal!
    Nice to meet you both, just became a follower.

  15. Hope Crystal's book rocks the charts! Umm, okay, can you help me out here? How did the Linky thing pop twice when I copied and pasted? When it comes to computers, I'm a train wreck!

  16. HI, Erica, Hi, Christy...

    Erica... hung over... you?! I'm shocked. LOL. I hope it was worth it... To funny how you picked your choice.

    Christy.... TERRIFIC quote by your character... Well done... How could a girl resist that one?

    Hope you ladies are fending this insane winter safely. Chicago has had the worst winter in fifty years! I can't take it anymore.... Orlando, anyone! I wish!

  17. Oh, that was a wonderful quote. :) and Wesley is definitely a keeper.

  18. I'm amazed at all this blogging love out there for Crystal.

  19. Oh, you two are hilarious! Have you really watched The Princess Bride that many times?! I remember watching that over and over again in middle school until my grandpa made me feel guilty for ignoring our card games :-) Christy, it's nice to meet another Will fan!

  20. Great quote! I havent read any of Clare's books yet, but he does sound dreamy. :)

  21. Love the quote. I had to think hard too about this one. So many possibilities.


  22. Big congrats to Crystal on the exciting print release. I'm enjoying reading who the blog-hop peeps pick as their "arranged marriage" guy. Have a great weekend! :)


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