Hello....Hello?....Is anybody there?

The last time we posted was summer?! Yikes!  There's slushy snow on the ground now.  Those months traveled by quickly. :p

I'm off of work (teaching first grade) for Christmas break and decided to dust off this ol' blog.  If you're not there to listen, I totally understand!  If you are, well hey there!  Thanks for stopping by even though you probably figured we'd never post again!

What've you been up to?  Reading, writing, working, cleaning, eating, running,...?  Anything big to share with us?

Erica's busy with her sons, work, Christmas programs, and life.  I'm busy with sons and basketball and Christmas and work and grad school and rereading old manuscripts.  I try to get on the treadmill here and there and buy a book on my kindle once in a while.  If only one could wrap me up some time and put it under the tree! Now that'd be a worthwhile Christmas gift!

Other than that...we're out of the online loop.

Catch us up if you have time.  We'll try to venture out your way soon, too.

Have a blessed Christmas filled with family and joy.

Erica and Christy


  1. Wow. Has it been that long? I've been busy getting ready to self-publish for the first time. And life in general.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Happy Holidays! I've been busy, too. I released a book in November. I've been slowly working on the next one in the series and also trying to get some gifts made for Christmas. I've crocheted and loom knitted slippers, hats, scarves, a shrug, and socks. I also made ONE mitten. Nope, I didn't make the matching mitten, yet. And, I have one lone sock that also needs a match. But, the most important thing I did recently... I made fudge. :-D

    Hope you both have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Merry Christmas!! Was wondering what happened to you two. I've struggled to keep up on social media as well these past few months, but with my third book releasing next month, I'm trying to get my butt in gear :-) It will take consuming massive amounts of chocolate and coffee~cheers!

  4. So wonderful to hear from you! Missed you ladies. Glad to hear you're both doing well. Hope you enjoyed your holidays!

  5. Hi, Ladies!

    Long time no see.... Hope you both had a terrific Christmas!

    Nothing new on the writing front, but I did FINALLY see my condo and moved into a high rise with a FANTASTIC view.. Have to be in Chicago for another year, but I am currently looking for a home back in NY. It's time for me to return HOME.

    But until then, life is a bit easier and I am happy to say all is well... except for this nasty bout of flu I have. BOOO. Such a great way to start the new year. AND I have ten people coming over for a party tomorrow night to see the fire works over Navy Pier from my place... Drinking lots of Theraflu.... I NEED to get rid of this.

    Wishing you and your families a happy and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

  6. Congrats to you all! Thanks for sharing your great news. :) JC, wow! Your creations amaze me. I am not crafty, nor am I a baker!


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