my summer reading list...so far. what else do you recommend?

my reward for finishing my spring grad class was

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i devoured it.  for me, it was a cross between two of my previous favorite novels: shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and Sophie and Carter by Chelsea Fine. it was real.  simple.  as a writer it helped me to focus my next story on the two main characters without overcomplicating my writing with details.  granted, elanor and park had a cast of well-developed side characters, but the narration was so simple and full of direction.  definitely a great pick for my first summer read, and the kick off to a summer of writing.

two other novels i read this summer were written by friends and are posted for you to enjoy at Swoon Reads.  you should definitely check them out and when you find how much you love them, rate with hearts.  you can also leave feedback for the authors in the comments section.  they'd really appreciated it.  if you choose to do so, you have until the end of the month to make your votes count.

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Five clues. Four teams. Three hours. Two winners. One kiss.
Olive never thought her crush on Ethan would end like this!
As a thank you, popular rich-girl Jewel invites Olive to one of her exclusive parties. Only this isn’t an ordinary party: it’s a nighttime scavenger hunt.
Cryptic clues, ridiculous riddles, shared selfies, dangerous dares–no one has ever played a game quite like this before. Each winner receives an amazing cash prize–money Olive desperately needs to pay for her coveted college entrance audition.
When Jewel assigns teams, to Olive’s delight (and horror), she’s paired with Ethan, the irresistible boy she’s been secretly crushing on for five years.
More comfortable with books and academia than boys and adventure, can Olive win the hunt and Ethan’s heart?

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Dorothy’s on vacation in Hawaii with her family. Arash is there for a high school band competition. When they meet on the streets of Waikiki they only have 12 hours to discover each other and the beautiful beach city of Waikiki at night. But Arash says he knows a way that’s guaranteed to make them fall in love. In 12 hours they’ll know if he’s right. All they have to do is answer 36 questions.
If you’re looking for a heartwarming story about falling in love; if you’re curious whether 36 questions and their corresponding answers really can lead to love; if you adore the little moments that lead up to love, then “12 Hours in Paradise” is a story you won’t soon forget.

of course my next read will be fangirl by rainbow rowell, and after that i'll read the heir by kiera cass.  what else do you recommend i add to my summer reading list?

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