My novel description for my latest query letter...does it hook you? (It's supposed to be 1-3 sentences long...this is the shortest I could get it!)

Until Dawn Buchanen, a straight A student who spent her weekends reading and volunteering, fell for a boy with the ability to transport to an alternate dimension, she was a seemingly typical teenager whose goals in life were fairly simplistic: she wanted to tone down her goody-goody image and add a little excitement to her mundane life. Through him she learned that her late great-grandmother was implicated in a sinister plot and that she was now under suspicion of being a vindictive descendant come to succeed where her ancestors had failed.

Suddenly, her quest to shed her squeaky clean image was overshadowed by one in which she must prove her innocence, even when she herself feared she may not be. With the risk of having an innately evil soul, would it be too late by the time she realized she should have been happy—being just plain good— all along?

Solstice, a 100,000 word Young Adult novel, has a touch of fantasy, but is set firmly in reality. My novel incorporates romance and suspense, and while it embraces young love, shows the importance of overcoming obstacles independently, recognizing that one’s own worth—being able to accept oneself— is as important as earning the love of another.

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