WriteOnCon...Need we say more?

Did you miss it? DID you? Take a deep breath. They're going to do it again!

This past August several super ladies hosted the first annual FREE ONLINE WRITER'S CONFERENCE. Yes, we did say FREE!

But you don't have to wait eleven months before you can check out all the amazing goodies they have to offer writers.


Yes, it's true! WriteOnCon will officially be doing monthly live events. The first one is Monday, September 27th at 9:00* pm EDT with Jessica Sinsheimer of The Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency, Roseanne Wells of The Marianne Strong Literary Agency, and others to be announced.

What does this mean for you (and us)? It means you go here: writeoncon.com and read everything. Go ahead. We'll wait for you. (whistles, hums, eats chocolate, grows old)

What, back so soon?! Great! Now, get ready for the live chat. I (Erica) participated on these back in August and they're super easy. Here's what you do: Make a list of 3 or so questions you've been dying to ask an agent, but make them general, not specific to your work. Once the chat starts, one of the organizers will open for questions. Type it in the box. Do not send again, she's got it and will post it if it follows the rules and there's time. I recommend sending early in the chat. And, if I can speak as a participant, save your "thank you, you're great for doing this" posts until the end when people have the option of logging out without missing anything. We know. You're thankful. We are, too.

And...we'll see you there!

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  1. Erica, how could you forget (while waiting) drinks wine and gets thinner? (I am in my own virtual little world and burning calories with every keystroke!):0) Long live WriteOnCon!


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