10 Things I Never Want to Do-Over

Wow, it's almost the holiday season. Time to dress up like something we totally aren't, but always wish we were (or could be). Like me as a teen.

Er, nope.

Ten Things I Never Want to Do-Over, YA edition (in no particular order, but they'll probably get worse before they get better):

1. Getting my locker open on the first day of high school. (um, yeah, I had the wrong locker. Some girl named Jen, whose last name started with the same darn first letter as mine, was not nice to me about it, either.)

2. Riding the bus. 'Nuff said.

3. Once I got my license, I begged my dad to let me borrow his retro truck because I had this thing (no idea what now, years later) thing going on after school. By the time school got done, the truck lost its hood ornament (a Ram) and got keyed. Lost all truck privileges for, well, never got them back, now that I think about it...

4. My first real grown-up (i.e. tongue) kiss. Well, okay, maybe I'd do that over, but I definitely wouldn't have gum in my mouth. Awk-Ward.

5. Homecoming. OMG. What a flipping nightmare. okay *sigh* I'll tell you about it. (you guys know this is christy, right? er, fine, it's erica. but you knew that.) Senior year. Boyfriend. Dress. Makeup. Hair. Suddenly, no boyfriend. Go anyway so your family isn't disappointed. Get to front door. Semi-friend sees you, knows there's no boyfriend, invites you to party. 2 hours of pure depression and embarrassment. Drive home and pretend you got sick and had to come home early. Sister does NOT buy it. gah

6. Awkward early-teen family dinner moment. Grandpa's brother says, in front of no less than 10 people, "It's okay, Christy, Erica, most beautiful women in our family started out ugly like you." *sigh again*

7. My entire bedroom. I'm sorry to every interior designer in the world. Also, my parents, who let me do the whole tangerine/lime colorscape. And poor, poor Kirk Cameron, who was taped above my bed (yes, the ceiling. yes, Kirk Cameron. in leather. next to Christian Slater. in greasy hair and little else. Talk Hard. [please someone acknowledge they know what I'm talking about]).

8. The meltdown at work after the first huge breakup. Two words explain it: Melt. Down. My boss had to take me into his office, push me onto a chair, and force my head between my knees while counting my breaths and saying "Dammit, Christy Erica, he's a jerk. Get over it." (that former boyfriend is now one of those born-again-types with a wife who only wears skirts and like 10 kids. he SOOOO wasn't like that then. just sayin'.) (no idea what happened to that boss.)

9. Sneaking out late at night through the basement window. In the snow. (yeah, not as stealth as we thought)

10. Hating my sister. I regret it. We're now 36 and 33 and have a lot of fences to mend. And live thousands of miles away from eachother. :(

How about you?? Any Do-Overs (or #notsomuch)??


  1. What a great idea! I would NOT want to go back in time. I'd like to forget 3rd-8th grade completely. High school was fine, but I still don't want to relive it. :)

  2. Aww... :hugs: The little embarrassing things we do when we're young... thank goodness they don't follow us forever. (Or at least not beyond our own minds.) One thing I never want to do over from my YA years is the dating. Just because you're allowed to date when you turn 16 doesn't mean you have to - or even should. And good lord, girl, pick your dates more wisely.

  3. OMG Except for the truck and the sister you just wrote my biography. Since I am waaaay older than you history must truly repeat itself. Not always a good thing is it? :(

  4. I could google it, but I'm lazy. Is "talk hard" a Pump up the Volume reference? Where Christian Slater was the underground DJ? I loved him. LOVED. HIM. Also, (not) surprisingly enough, I loved Gleaming the Cube. :)

  5. Oh yes. Kirk Cameron and Christian Slater. What were we thinking??

  6. O.M.G.!!! The homecoming part was bad, but #6 is just a big fat NO WAY! I can't believe he said that to you. As for your sis ((hugs)). I went through a phase like that w/my bro. We got over it, and you guys will, too~ :o) <3

  7. I am so glad the teen years are waaaayy in the past. And I was in high school in the 1980s, so there are so many embarrassing photos with big hair and weird clothes (which are strangely coming back into fashion and I just don't get it). If we didn't have those things we wish we could do over (or not), we wouldn't have as much fodder (and angst) for our manuscripts!


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