It's Scary Out There

Ahhh, October. If you have kids or are around kids - or let's face it, ever were a kid - you know what that means. Dental visits. Halloween is coming up.

I (erica) live about 20 miles from any substantive town and FINALLY took my boys costume shopping. Yes, I'm the proud mama of a Red Dragon Ninja and The Evil Emperor.

I know, I know, I'm very lucky. :)

As for me, I'm a bit past trick-or-treating age (except as a chaperone), not to mention partying age (*sigh*), so no costumes for me. But I do love to get scared. By fiction, anyway. Scary books, scary movies - love, love, love. It takes us right out of the scary world out there and right into a corn field with psychotic men who wear hockey masks. What's better than that?

How about you? Any fun Halloween plans? Any great scary recommendations?


  1. I'm a little past trick or treating age tooooo. But this year I am going to a THEMED halloween murder mystery dinner thing so that should be cool. Wooo!

    I wish I could be a Ninja though. That's an AWESOME costume!

  2. I LOVE Murder Mystery Dinners!!!! We've hosted a couple. Such fun! (THIS year I'm totally going to remember to watch CLUE before Halloween. (erica, remind me, please!)) christy

  3. oh, man! I LOVE doing the scary movies, too. I'm not such the dresser-upper, but hubs loves doing all that. So who knows. As for scary movies, our DVR's exploding. All the Screams, Carrie, The Shining, I watched Blair Witch again last year, and man! That movie is creep-ie! ;p <3

  4. Hey, I love several miles away from a substantive town also! We shut the lights off in our house and drive 17 miles away to my sisters house. All the cousins trick or treat together, which is so much fun. My 14 year old doesn't dress up anymore, but thankfully my 11 year old twins still enjoy the holiday :D


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