one of the reasons i suck at writing queries

Um...and querying.  Yup, it's me, Christy with her one-track mind.  (Not that kind of one-track mind....get yours out of the gutter.  I'm almost nine months pregnant, which means huge and uncomfortable.  Jeesh.)

query, query, query.  if you're sick of this topic, sorry (BUT, there's a chance i'll switch topics at some point in this post.  i may have a one-track mind, but it's also hard to stay focused on any one thing for too, too long these days.)

one of the reasons i suck at querying is...

 i still have no confidence when it comes to writing one. 

so, i love every single version i create...until it gets a critique or a rewrite. 

then, i'm like, oh, yeah, you're so right. ack, it's ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!  i SO see what's wrong with it now!!!!  (i was like so blind before!)

(trash it.)  (rewrite it.)  (send it out to people who may or may not be sick of seeing the 167th version of shelby's query)

another critique comes in.  this time a rewrite by a stranger on a forum! (fresh eyes. yes!)  ooooh, this version is GREAT!  why couldn't i put it like that!  (i use the rewrite in its entirety.)  was it even in my MC's voice?  probably not.  who knows, really.  i lose shelby's voice sometimes when i'm in the midst of query drafting. 

(to be totally honest, i lose a bit of my MIND when query drafting!) 

(do you wonder why i punctuate even though i don't capitalize?---see, that's me getting off-track.)  shh, don't tell christy I added this - but why does she capitalize WORDS when she doesn't capitalize letters? these are things I want to know. er - erica

(am i even supposed to hyphenate one-track and off-track?) 

and that's my signal to sign off for this post.

more query talk writing posts pregnancy updates crazy blabbering to come from me next week

i bet you can't wait!!!

Oh, and anyone else having trouble with Blogger? We schedule our posts and they're not going up on time. Which accounts for us posting on random days and times. >:(


  1. When I query, I just pretend that I am explaining my book to a friend...and I try to give it the feel of the writing in the book. I want the query to really reflect to the style--so if they don't request it at least they'll know what they are rejecting.

    Do not overthink. Just write it!

    Good luck!


  2. I'm sorry you get scatter brained when your pregnant. Querying is hard for everyone I think, because every agent wants something slightly different and you have to adjust it to them.

    Blogger has been weird with scheduled posts. It doesn't post them. You always have to double check that it posted.

  3. OMG that's so funny! I can totally relate to getting off topic. SQUIRREL!

    Hey, we all go through several lousy version of our query. No worries. I'm sure with each pass it's getting better and better.

  4. I feel just like you do about queries. I write one, think it's pretty close to perfect. Then I send it out for critique. There's nothing to do but try again (and again and again!).

  5. One-track; yes, off track, no. Says Su's extremely abridged dictionary.

    I don;t query. Yet. And for the same reason-- they terrify me.

  6. 9 months prego?? You poor thing. But the end is near ... and what a wonderful day it will be! I wouldn't stress over queries too much. Most agents say if the sample pages of your story are good, they don't care how bad the query is. I've learned to ALWAYS send sample pages with the query. And on the flip side, if your query is too good, the actual story doesn't live up to the excitement the awesome query produced. So as long as you have the MC's goal + conflict + stakes, your query has done it's job. Better to make those sample pages sparkle, then spending too much time on queries. :)

  7. My scheduling thingy has never worked on blogger. :( And don't feel bad, query letter writing sucks and it is even more subjective than novel writing (if that's possible). The hardest part about it for me is that I have to switch gears and sell myself. You can do it! And wow, I didn't realize you were that close to your due date!!!


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