Your First Time

Remember your first?

It doesn't matter what "first" you thought of when you read that question - obviously you remembered it. First contest, first trophy, first crush, first kiss, first - um, we'll stop there.

It's deer hunting season in WI (and if you are totally opposed to hunting, still feel free to read on and comment - and also read my note below). This morning, (it's Sunday and I'm hoping for the best with the darn Blogger scheduling system THAT USED TO WORK AND NOW NEVER DOES) my son took his first shots at a deer (he did shoot a turkey last spring).  The adrenalin hit and his arms and legs started twitching and his mouth wouldn't stop smiling and his fingers wouldn't stop pulling the trigger.

Seven shots. Zero hits.

First times are awkward and uncomfortable and absolutely the most exciting moments of your life (so far).

Now, to apply that to writing (you knew I would). Think of your first story. Your first 20,000 word completion. Your first *gulp* draft of a full ms. Your first *double gulp* beta. Full edit.


Exciting? Hell yes.

Now use that energy and get out there. Again and again and again. Someday, your arms might stop twitching and your smile might fade - but that's when it can happen. Don't lose hope. Sometimes, your next deer big opportunity is hiding just behind what appears to be a closed door.

And don't be afraid to twitch a little. :)

note: I understand the theories behind not being supportive of hunting. I myself do not hunt, although I married into a hunting family and have relatives of my own that do. I also live on a farm and we practice good management. We also eat the meat harvested and if there's extra, donate it to families in need. These are all good things. Trust me.

note #2: my son is 10 years old. To learn more about the WI mentoring system that allows 10-year-olds to hunt, please click here. I was not completely supportive of this at first. But for my family, it's working. As usual with new regulations, your mileage may vary. :)


  1. Twitching is scary. Maybe when we learn to love the twitch, we'll be able to put all our energy into loving the process. Thanks!

  2. Ah yes, firsts are filled with such adrenalin! Great idea to draw on that and continue to use the feeling.

  3. Wow! Hunting. I would be terrified, but I live in a city so it is very foreign to me. And yes, I remember all of my firsts...ahem.

  4. My dad doesn't hunt. My husband doesn't hunt. But my uncle does. And many, many of my friends and colleagues husbands hunt. It's HUGE. I, however, love deer and feel bad for the deer. But over the years, people have scolded me telling me that if they don't hunt them and eat them they will be splattered all over WI's highways and ruin a great many cars.... Congrats to you son! I bet he's having a blast! christy

  5. My father-in-law is a big shooter, but not hunter. The last few years, there's been talk about hunting the turkey for Thanksgiving, but it hasn't happened. I think nobody has the stomach for it.

    Some firsts are more fun that others. First queries, for example, aren't all that much fun. Neither is the zillionth query. You get jaded.


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