a picture is worth a thousand words, but takes so much less time to read

christy with sawyer john (a.k.a the ball-like figure under her shirt)

*oh, and the candles behind me aren't really crooked.  i don't think...
my five-year-old son took the picture for me.  (he's not crooked either.) 
the camera.  it was the camera that was held at a slant.

well, this is your blog post for today.
 i had planned something else to chat at you about, but you get this instead.  i'm laundried, shopped, graded, planned, revised, queried and packed out.  i'm taking a break tonight and am going to lay/lie in my bed.  (i had the whole lay/laid/lie thing figured out, but i guess i forgot it again.) 

i'm 38 weeks pregnant...and as you can see...huge.  i walk s-l-o-w-l-y.  i get sympathetic smiles everywhere i go.  the people at work beg me to take the elevator--i refuse to do this.

 i am was (will be again) a runner.

take a break if you need one.  or get your work done.  totally up to you.

whatever you choose, have a great time doing it!


  1. Wow! you definitely sound ready! Hope you have a wonderful delivery!

  2. You look so cute! But I know the discomfort of that stage. Enjoy some down time!!

  3. Wow, I don't think I ever got that big. But that's not surprising. My first born was 13 weeks premature. My second was 4 weeks early. #3 came the day before my due date (and with that trend, there was no way I was trying for #4. I'd have gone a month past due. LOL). My colleagues saw me a few hours before I went into labor with #3 and thought I still had three more months to go. Um, I thought I was much bigger than that. It certainly felt that way.

    Take it easy while you still can. :D

  4. OMG. You are all belly! And you have that new mommy glow. You are beautiful! =)

  5. Heheee, you definitely carry your babies out front! I did too, but you have me beat. LOL You sure you don't have TWO babies in there? ;o) Best wishes for the delivery of your baby!

  6. 38 weeks! Wow. Just a couple more weeks of uncomfortableness and you'll have a brand new baby in your arms, just in time for Christmas :)

  7. You look amazing! 38 weeks means you can have him at any time. So, here's to an easy delivery! Sending you lots of hugs and warm wishes and many nights of sleep!

  8. Sit down!!! J/K
    You really don't look pregnant except for that ball-like figure ;) and your radiant smile!

  9. LOL! Omg--Look at you! This is amazing. Best of luck with the delivery, you WILL run again (I did!), and yes. Do whatever you feel like--gosh! (Napoleon) :D

  10. Wishing you a smooth delivery. No matter what.
    You still look great by the way and I mean it. Take care of yourself and I will be looking forward to reading about your new addition. *hugs*


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