Authors for Henryville

Just over a week ago, a tornado ripped through the community of Henryville, Indiana. There is a website set up to raise money for the residents of Henryville through a book auction. Go here to learn more and to bid!

As Wisconsinites, christy and I are no strangers to bad weather, including tornadoes. When my husband and I were first together (1995 or 1996, I think) there was a tornado that went through the La Crosse area and the next day we found out a close friend of my sister-in-law's lived in its wake. The young family was living in a trailer house and couldn't get to the shelter in time. It came while they were sleeping - they ran for their children, but didn't make it past the hallway before it hit.. Dad suffered a severely broken leg, Mom snapped several vertebrae in her spine, and their infant son was smothered to death when their trailer blew into pieces and he landed face down with the crib on top of him. Their toddler daughter was unharmed.

Mother Nature can sometimes be viscious. I am proud to be a member of a community of authors that do so much to help. Happy bidding and good luck!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this. Sounds like an awesome cause.


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