I'm not who I thought I was

Okay, I'll admit, I'm stretching. It's Sunday night. I've been on spring break for the past 5 days...

*pause to say - yes, 5 days. we started SB on a Wednesday*

christy and I chose to co-blog a couple of years ago for many, many reasons. We recently chose to cowrite an MS for GREAT reasons. But we're still different people. Just look at the picture on our sidebar. yes, I know, I'm the giant one. do we still have to bring that up?? hehe
My name is Erica Olson. And I am not alone.

I read a question and answer with an agent that said she (said agent) ALWAYS googles the names of said queriers.

Erica Olson can be googled, obvs.

She is not me.

She (the other EO) is probably a very nice woman. I already looked at her picture. Nice brown hair. Nice blue eyes. Nice name.

But not me.

I'm being slightly snarky, friends. We can co=exist (I hope) - but has this ever happened to you?


  1. Yeah, the other me (even with the same middle name) is a painter. Go figure...

  2. Oh yeah. With a name like Linda Gray, you can go through twenty Google pages and never find me. It's all the actress from Dallas, and then there's an ultra conservative senator somewhere, and a doctor somewhere else. I once sat in my car for about fifteen minutes waiting for a police officer who had pulled me over for a bad left turn (oops!) to come back after he took my driver's license to check me out. I about lost my cool and got out to go back to his car and demand to know what was taking so long (but thankfully didn't--I understand they really don't like that!). As an ex-cop friend of mine explained to me later, it was probably because there were so many Linda Grays he had to check out, and some of them probably had warrants out against them. Ahhhhhhh!

  3. Ha! Too funny. There is actually another author with my name (spelled a bit different) and she writes under C.E.(which are my initials too.) so it's a bit confusing...but...we coexist.(like she even knows who the crap I am ;) lol.

  4. It wouldn't do an agent much good to google a name as common as mine. :)

  5. That's happened to me. There are a surprising number of people with my French first name and German last name. And if I just go by my first initial...it's like every J Fritz in the world is a writer.

  6. Okay, I'll admit, I'm stretching. It's Sunday night. I've been on spring break for the past 5 days...


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