hello again, friends!

Thanks for visiting us on our second day back!  Many of you took on the challenge of writing daily, doing the whole A-Z thang and congrats to you all!  We bailed on that this year in order to get through life with emptier plates, to write more, and read more, and other things that didn't really happen as much as we'd planned/hoped.

One of the projects we devoted some of our unblogging time to was writing away at our co-novel, currently titled The Text Message, TTM for short.  Whether or not it ever becomes the HUGE hit we envision it becoming, it's a great, GREAT even, experience.  I strongly suggest each of you give co-writing a try one day.  I love passing every other chapter back and forth, waiting to see where the other takes the story, the characters.  The novel also gets written twice as fast...!

We are on page 74, with 23,000 words.

Here are a few of those words:

About ten minutes after I discovered the house had three - yes, three - toilets with at least a flush in each, I found the best part this whole messed-up situation could possibly offer.

At this point, I fear for civilian safety, should this thing ever manifest itself globally.
They have moved ahead with their plan, despite my many reservations.

I listened to him hum some weird tune until I pulled into a café slash bakery just outside of town.  It was called Milk and Cookies, but it had a coffee mug and loaf of French bread pictured on the sign.  It seemed perfectly imperfect for a meeting with a Goon wearing mouse ears. 

Let's just say it was good that I'd already used one of the toilets or it would've been messy.

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