This is what friends are for

You know that friend? That one that makes you laugh? That one that covers for you? That one that makes you a better person?

Here at erica and christy, we're all about that. After all, we're BFFs that have only met in person once, yet we make each other laugh all the time and definitely have covered each other's blog duties (note: this is erica's first post in 11 days. oops.) And yep, I'm saying we're better people because of each other, because that's what friends are for.

It's been too long since we've done an Inbox post. So, here you go - funny stuff taken completely out of context from erica and christy's (completely out-of-control-long) email inboxes*.

It was that bad?

You can do that in a hard working hour!

I wanted to empty some boxes and organize, but instead played wii fit with the kids.

We have a tendency to just throw things in the spare room and shut the door.

 It has to be really bad if you're only going to hint to it like that.

IT'S THE FIRST PLOT POINT! THE most important scene in the first act!

[name redacted to protect the innocent] is destined to be President. Then you can tell everyone about his difficult childhood. . .

I've been eating Special K with fruit and yogurt every day for weeks. . .I had a stuffed baked potato for supper last night.

am i annoying, or what? (don't answer that)

*I only included emails christy and I have exchanged. If you drunk-mailed us, you're off the hook here. Also, we want more of you to drunk-mail us. :)


  1. Awesome how good friends you are and only met once. And great that you're blog partners. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOLOL! You guys are so much fun! Hope that whatever was so bad wasn't really that bad.

  3. HI, girls,

    Friends are SOOOO important. I am so happy to see you two still thriving as BFF's your sincerity and caring oozes out of every word in your blog posts.

    I missed you both so much this year. I hope see you you guys by the end of the year. We are talking in the fall sometime. Maybe we can all get together. It would be such fun!

  4. :) awwww. what a sweet post. and i always forget to watch what i say in my emails, just in case it ends up in the public eye! (although many times i think we'd seem so much wittier at our twitter account if we tweeted instead of emailed!) so...now it's my turn to blog again, huh? oh, and TTM. i must TTM. and UM. YOU move it on CH!!!!! (that's also what BFF's are for. WRITE, darn it! christy

  5. LOL! You guys are crackin me up! :D I love the one about throwing stuff in the spare room. We have a basement now... imagine.

    Who's going to be president? Who???

  6. Ha! Thank you for that morning laugh. It's hard enough to make time in our busy lives to blog, but how could we possibly do it without laughter?


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