what she said

some days my words and thoughts are insufficient.  today is one of those days.  so, friends, i send you to a place, to a writer who always says it perfectly, whose mind is so deeply saturated with words and beauty and creativity, she can never let us down.

please, visit THIS PLACEyour destiny awaits you. (in order to view your destiny, don't forget to click on the cookies!)

may the odds be ever in your favor.  (sorry, couldn't resist.)  (we once said that when we had nothing to say, we'd at least give you eye candy.)

have a happy day.


  1. Too cool, love that link! My cookie said I was amazing. *beams* :)

  2. 'may the odds be ever in your favor'. Now that's something I could live with, for sure LOL!

  3. Love the fortune cookies. Thanks for visiting today. You popped in while I was dressing, er, changing my blog. Thanks for commenting on the picture. It now fills in the header space properly.

    I read your previous post. In the little flash fiction piece on the two knights you read today I used third person omnisicient for the first time. I usually use third person multiple POVs. I had to change more things than I thought. Was fun to try.

    Thanks for dropping by.Seems ages. D.


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