#IWSG June: Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing... but not marketing.

I can't say that I ever wanted to quit writing.

I know I wanted to quit querying and doing twitter contests and this week I may have considered quitting publishing, but never the writing itself.  Of course, without all the other things, I'm not sure what I'd be writing FOR. I'm not one who is writing stories purely for my own enjoyment anymore. I want others to read them.

So I need to keep writing and publishing and writing and publishing.  Because that's the route I've chosen for my current paranormal angel series. (I never queried it, because every time I looked at MSWL for my contemporary realistic books, I saw most agents had NO angels and demons on their lists... so that was that!)


My eleven year old (who has been expressing lately that he's sick of me writing, because I just released a second book and the last two weeks were less than pleasant as I wrapped up a school year and formatted the paperback (w/o vellum!)) asked me yesterday, "Mom, what happens if you just don't write the third book in your series?" I said, "I wouldn't do that. I have a business with a product to deliver, and I will deliver it." He said, "But has that ever happened? Has anyone said they were going to have a series, but then quit in the middle and not publish the rest?" I said, "I'm sure that's happened." I'm not sure that it has, but I could understand if it has! I mean, I'm exhausted right now, and if I had to put the next book out this month, I wouldn't be able to do it! But I'm going to take a week or two to recharge, read books I've been waiting to read for months, write something different to give my brain a break, and THEN I'll get the third book out to readers.

Just keep writing and publishing.  This is the business route I've chosen, and though tired at the moment, I'm loving it. 

The marketing, however, is another story.

I'M GIVING IT A YEAR (and five books)

I'm having the darndest time finding my readers. Teens who read clean angel fantasy. That's who I need. I'm a teacher, so the middle schoolers have been devouring my books. I sold about 70 paperbacks (in person, through Amazon, and through one bookstore that's carrying my book) and maybe around 400 (off the top of my head, I haven't checked recently to double check this number) e-books between sales, page reads, and free days (this is for book one that's been on sale since January).  Lately, though, even with a new release... crickets.  I had 31 pre-orders for book 2 and about 6 e-book sales since and 10 paperbacks so far.  (Book two released May 31.)


I'm doing a book blitz via blogs and social media... Zero sales have come from it, though MAYBE the readers who are adding it to their TBR really will decide to read it in the next weeks/months and not forget about my book once the $15 Amazon gift card prize is over and done with...


I clearly don't understand how to best utilize the 7 keywords on Amazon, though I've read countless posts on why this is important and how to zero in my niche.  Nope, unless someone tells me the magic keywords for my books, I guess it's not going to happen! Though I did add paranormal angel romance to my title yesterday to help reach my niche readers...

I have a newsletter with about 500 subscribers (1000 more to be added this month through a Ripley Patton giveaway), but I'm not sure THEY even read what I write.  I had a survey and about 15 responded and they prefer paranormal to realistic fiction (good there) and free/cheap books, mostly paperbacks, though... so they're library readers.  One, I repeat ONE subscriber wanted to join my street team and THREE joined my ARC team. One of those readers reviewed book one for me.  Not the hundreds Derek Murphy recommends.

I have my book up for reviews on the same site running my blitz... so far nothing coming from that either.

The first book in  my series is free today, so I'll see if that gets readers for book two, but I put it for free last month on the first day book two was up for pre-order and those 200 readers haven't reviewed or moved onto book 2 (Well, except for the 31 that may have been the ones pre-ordering.)


So, for this month, in addition to reading and blogging about the books I'm reading, I'm going to try to be more transparent about my self-publishing journey, blog more on my author blog, work on a free book in my series (book 1.5) to give away to my subscribers and try to reach out to readers more about books in general and less about my series specifically.

I'm done doing giveaways and tours and plopping sale images up on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Do you have any other suggestions for me?

Anyone else struggle with finding, and keeping, your readers?

So, I'll keep writing and publishing, but not "marketing". I'm going to reach out to readers by reading and sharing the books I'm reading and reaching out to other authors who are taking the same path I've decided to take, to share what I've learned along the way, to share the resources I've saved up.  My time will be better spent and the outcome more fulfilling.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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