WIP it and WIP it good...

it's another weekend so we thought we'd help you along on your WIP with another kick in the butt


WIP it and WIP it good

see here--watch, listen, WRITE

let us know how you do this weekend (on your K).  comments, please!!!!


  1. How did you know I've been slacking off? Thank you for your motivational, um, talk. Rant? Diatribe? Okay, okay it worked, I promise I'll start a new scene sometime today...


  2. Can't wait to hear how it goes, Adina! (But really I was scolding myself. It's been a week since I've written!!! terrible) christy

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! christy, you told me you found this, but i had no idea what it was until this moment.

    awesome clip and awesome motivation. off i go to crack that whip, i mean wip!!!!!!!1

  4. I wish I could write on my WIP, but I have been overloaded with house painting crap. Now the it's finally done .... only a month.... I would have rather done NaNo!

    Tomorrow I leave for Florida.... I doubt I'll do any real writing, but I will be posting blogs from Orlando!

    I have to occupy my time waiting for the judging on Baker's Dozen! It will be a hell week!

    Just like ABNA, Erica....

    It's been my pleasure to visit and comment... You ladies are GREAT! Just let me know when you get sick of me! lol


  5. Love that clip!! Just hope that as I continue work with my WiP, it's not frought with as much mayhem and danger! Then again... :) Thanks for a motivational whipping!

  6. Brilliant :D

    Another clip that may help too, is Whipped into Shape from Legally Blonde, the musical. It immediately came to mind when I read the title of this post! :D

  7. :0)-erica
    micheal-um, never! have a blast! we'll look fwd to your updates from Florida!
    donea--hmm..mayhem and dangers sounds like a fun novel to write! best of luck as you continue working on yours!
    marike--thanks! unless you want to post it some time on Marieke's Musings...expect to see it here some weekend! :0)

  8. I LOVE Indiana Jones! And I love this blog!

    Good one - now I have to go write. :-)

  9. Now I'm motivated! I'll let you know how I do. Though my pace isn't exactly a NaNoWrimo pace. ;)

  10. To all my friends who are "wipping" it - a reminder to make a backup of your work. Today I'm mourning the loss of my laptop. It was a mere 371 days old (yes, 6 days past the warranty expiration date). Luckily, I save all my work online on Adobe's Buzzwords program. So, while I'm mourning my bloved lp, at least I'm not out my manuscripts.

    But if I'm not commenting on many blogs for awhile, it's because I'm on my son's old desktop and this thing is ssslllooooowwwww.


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