what THEY said--fave five

erica and christy's fave five blog posts (in no particular order)

five: eye candy from hart johnson

4: QueryYes for $19.95 by t.h. mafi

three:  friday with a side of shame at lisa and laura write

2: the five stages of querying by t.h mafi

one:  erica's post for crusader challenge #1 (christy still laughs every time she reads it)

these posts entertained us...a must for aspiring writers who sometimes need a break from all things seriously writerly.  we have many more faves and we're sure you'll all write many more...so we'll do this again!  happy clicking!


  1. its funny isn't it how some blog post stick with you, i still can't get over L'aussie's crusader post I thot it was really funny too.

  2. Hi Ladies,

    I just wanted to say, "Hi" before I run out and "DO" Disney. I was hysterical when I read both of t.h. mafi's posts.


  3. Hey--thank you so much for including me on your fav list! I'm honored! I will have to go check out these others!

  4. Great choices, these are definitely some of my favorites!

  5. Woot, great list! And glad to see you've put Hart's pikkies up the top of the list, LOL


  6. joanna--yes! there are more that stick with me or i've saved to favorites for another day...i'll have to do a recheck on l'aussie's and add it for next time!

    michael--how's the weather there? we had snowflakes this morning...thankfully they didn't stick. not ready!

    hart--i was going to add another hottie post you did after that one, but ran out of time...next time!

    thanks, heather!

    rach--:0) we always enjoy the "views" hart provides!

    thanks, all! christy

  7. LOVE this new Friday five!! I hope you do do it again. :o) Thanks for sharing--Lisa and Laura's had me rolling.

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

  8. Jackee, we'll do it again...other people's funniness always needs to be shared! Enjoy your weekend, too! christy


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