Crusader Challenge Friday

You guys are all Crusaders, right? So, Rach is hosting a Crusader's Challenge this week and we are proud to contribute - with our own take on it, of course. To see the rules, check out this post. Here you go:

erica: I sat down to write the other day and I realized I hadn't emailed christy in, like, 6 minutes. I thought maybe she might be worried about me, so I grabbed a glass of wine and a Mars bar and settled in to tell her more about my day.

christy: I sat down to write the other day and accidentally opened my email. There were, like, 9 emails from erica. What, did she think I was worried about her or something? I grabbed a glass of wine and settled in for what I knew would be a long chat session.

erica: Hey, christy, just watched Goblet of Fire again. That Irish guy on the World Cup quidditch team is hot. What does he see in Hermione?

christy: erica, you're married. And I'm pretty sure Viktor isn't Irish.

erica: Just sayin' he's hot is all. And a great player. Those white eyes at the end were a little freaky, though. But hot.

christy: I've got 2 words for you. Cedric. Diggory. aka edward cullen.

erica: christy, you're married. and I thought you were team jacob.

(both exit into a wine-induced dream about quidditch, hot players on brooms, giant goblets, vampires, werewolves, and ... elephants?!? how did that happen?)

And that's the story of how we got less than 500 words written last night.


  1. Thanks, all - we had fun coming up with something for the challenge and we're glad you liked it!

  2. Love your post girls, and particularly like how you both wove your own comments together. You both crack me up!!! :)

  3. I loved that!! Really clever, well done :-)

  4. **smiles and waves to all the participants!**

  5. Less than 500 words..hmmm...must be the wine.

    And I must remember to ask somebody in private about this team jacob thingy, 'cos frankly I don't have the faintest idea, and not shy to admit it.

    Thanks for the entertainment, Erica and Christy!

  6. Welcome Grandpa! Ha! Never be afraid to ask what we are talking about. Sometimes we don't know either. (Usually because of the wine!) Team Jacob vs. Team Edward...characters in the Twilight books/movies. :0) The actor who played Cedric in Harry Potter also played Edward in Twilight. This was simply a silly, silly post. We were required to use the words elephant, mars and quiddich in it somehow...so we know it doesn't make much sense!


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