Mealtime Madness Monday

The Twilight books have inspired approximately 1,256,472,151 new authors (okay, I [erica] *may have* made that number up). To be truthful, both of us *may have* caught a case of Ifstepheniemeyerscandoitsocani-itis. In fact, it's christy's one-year anniversary of reading the book, catching the bug, and writing Solstice. In her honor, my Monday recipe is mushroom ravioli. Well, it isn't my recipe (shh, I hate mushrooms), it's someone named susie's. Pair it with a great Italian Primitivo or California Red Zinfandel (in honor of Bella's later, um, drink of choice - but way less yucky).

pssst. . . have you signed up for the half marathon yet? no? what are you waiting for? the pot just sweetened. erica and christy will BOTH (oops, sorry, got excited) give you a redline critique if you beat us to the finish line. that's right - query, synopsis, first 5 - any of those. critiqued. by us. and we're fun, so you're assured to get something useful and fun as your prize (along with the - can I say - yes I can - awesome t-shirt and blog medal). SIGN UP NOW (oops, got carried away again. but sign up. and revel in the awesomeness that is your new novel)

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  1. What a cool way to show a recipe. I found it very inspiring and I don't like to cook that much ... I'm more of a baker. Your blog is becoming quite creative girls! Congrats, you're both awesome.


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