Writing Half-Marathon Competition

So...are you a little behind on your current WIP or the revamp of your completed MS?  Yeah, us too.  I was thinking a little competition might light a little fire under my fingers and keep my computer time more focused. (Because I (you) really don't need to check facebook every 10 minutes, or your email, or read all 100 blogs you follow every time you start up your computer or finish a paragraph, page or chapter.  Really.)

I know there are lots of major contests out there already, but we're adding one of our own just for kicks.  Maybe some of you will take part in this. (Please? We don't want to do it alone!)

Half-Marathon of Words Competition.

I (Christy) run.  Sometimes lots of miles.  I've run only one full marathon, but also five half-marathons, a handful of 15, 10, and 5Ks in the past couple of years.  So when planning out my goals, marathon distances is how my mind works.  I'm applying that mentality to this word competition.  Keep reading.

Here's how the contest will work. 

1.  Sign up on our blog by Wednesday, October 13 at midnight central time.  Just post a comment and we'll add you to the list.  Be sure to paste your email and/or blog website along with your name.

2.  At 12:01 AM CST on Thursday, October 14, the starting gun will go off.  Sometime that day, post your current #of words for the project of your choice for this contest along with the project's title.  We'll update your info on our list of participants and post it for everyone to see.

3.  Think of this as Weight Watchers for Writers.  Instead of trying to lose pounds you need to gain words.  So, you'll need to "Write In"  (Get it? Weigh in?  I'm so clever.)  every week (by Thursdays at Midnight, uh huh CST) with your weekly word count.  We'll update your personal stats and post them for everyone to see.  That way you can check out the competition.

4.  How many words do you need to write to win this competition?  Well, a half-marathon is 13.1 miles.  Which is also a 21K.  That's your goal. 21, 000 words.  The competition will go on until someone crosses the finish line.  I'm thinking it will last 3-4 weeks.  That's between 750-1,000 words per day

5.  Once you are the first to cross the finish line, post a comment announcing it to our little blogging world and reap the benefits:  Your gold medal and free marathon t-shirt (YES, we'll send you a tee shirt!).  Oh, and all the (losers) participants need to blog about you, your stamina, willpower, and phenomenal achievement on their blog (or if blog-free, FB, twitter account, etc.).  AND share a teaser of your choice from your fabulous MS on their platform.  So if you lose, you'll have some work to do.  And if you win you get some free press.

Winner of the Half-Marathon of Words Competition Blog Medal 

First Place Finisher
Half-Marathon of Words Blog Competition

Half-Marathon of Words Blog Competition
   ALL participants will receive this Blog Medal

We hope you will choose to participate in this competition and get a little closer to sighing the words, "The End". 

(rules to come...check back)


  1. I already promised to do 1k per day starting next week. I can't remember which blog it was on, but I did download the badge.

    Good luck with your marathons!

  2. Theresa, the great things about these "aspiring writer" blogs is how we help each other attain our dreams! Let us know how you do!

    Oh, and we need some other competitors here, people. Christy is rewriting and Erica cheats...(therefore, you'll probably win - stay tuned to learn more about how we'll prevent cheating!)

  3. Wow, this is cool. I hadn't worked on my second novel in over 7 months, so this is a good way to jump right into it. Okay, who's idea, Christy or Erica's?
    I still haven't even began the meal with our favorite character. There are not enough hours in the day to keep up with you girls!
    Good luck everyone.

  4. I've signed up for the Novel Push Initiative over on Five Rings... the minimum is 250 words a day to stay in that one. A warm-up for NaNo. Do you mind if I'm in that one AND want to sign up for yours? I'm trying to force myself into better habits... ;)

  5. Hello fellow crusader!
    This sounds like a ton of fun. I wish I could participate but I have too much on my plate with NaNo coming up. I can't wait to check in and see how everyone is doing at it! Great job!

  6. We knew we would be "competing" with Nano, but since we're also full-time wives, mothers, and teachers, we thought offering "half-marathon" option would be great for people like us who just can't commit to 50,000 words (and Christy's the runner - it was her idea).

    DL - we don't mind if you try more than one competition! We'd be happy to have you join us!

  7. This couldn't have come at a better time! I was just thinking that I needed some way to hold to a deadline (cause apparently my personal ones don't work!). So thanks...I'm in!

  8. Okay, I'm officially signing up. I'll take another break from Solstice (I still have no beginning for the thing) and work on Fixing Shelby. It's currently at 8478 words. It will stay at that until the 16th when I start working on it for the competition. So, when I hit 8478 + 21k words, I'll post in that I won. If any of you are already doing another competition, feel free to double up. If you're writing words, you're writing words. Enter. Try to win. I NEED competition. Or I WON'T do well. Jamie, you and me...I'll push you if you push me! and erica-don't you dare cheat! :0)christy

  9. So far the competition includes: erica, christy, gideon, dlcurran, and jamie...warm up your fingers. We have 12 days to rest up! Good luck to those of you in another competition or doing a novel in November!

  10. This sounds great! I'm in! :D

  11. Ok, you twisted my fingers...I mean...talked me into it :) A good way to get my shiny new idea started...

  12. Wonderful! I'm excited you two have decided to compete!!! I've added a linky on the sidebar for everyone to sign up under. Apparently Mr. Linky's cool. But he can't friggin' count. Sorry if the rest of you all end up under the #4!

  13. Okay, I changed my mind. I thought I would have to start a new project (that's only because I'm a mom of three and can't guarantee my intelligence or sanity anymore).

    Count me in for the contest. I'm pumped! I will be continuing a WIP called Dodging Jordan that is currently at 27,137 words. This is a continuation from a 30-day, 30,000 competition in my NaNo writing group. I like the story enough and would like to build on it in your competition.

  14. yAY! welcome patricia! I'm a mom of 2 and have the same problem! apparently my linky is fixed, but my calendar is broken. the contest starts thurs the 14th, not the 16th like my calendar told me the first time I looked at it! Sorry for any confusion!

  15. Hi Erica and Christy.

    Here I go ... Amber and the Fountains of Fire is currently at a slim 17,301 words. I can't wait to start working on it again. As you know I have been in re-writes/editing for the past eight months on he first in the series. How ironic, one I'm still slimming down and the other needs major beefing!

    Reve up your engines ... midnight is just a mere six plus hours away!

  16. Here's my word count: Generation Z is currently at 4,400 words...long way from 25,400, but I'm ready!


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