HOTTNESS on Thursdays (and erica and christy's second blogfest announcement!)

Blogfest annoucement first.  Just in case you boys don't feel like reading  looking further. (Not to worry, our HOTNESS Thursdays will NOT always be about hot guys.  We're aware there are other hot items we could post about. [But we're not making any promises.])

is simply simple.

it pertains to HOT, HOT COFFEE mugs.  well, just one mug. 

Simply post a picture of your very favoritest mug. The one you'd choose to drink from every time if it never needed to spend any time in the dishwasher.  The one you secretly eye whenever your significant other, mother, brother, best friend, [insert other] grabs it from the cupboard and you hold yourself back from snatching it out of their hand and shouting, "Give it back!  It's mine.  All mine!"

Or just one you like almost that much.

You don't have to share anything about the mug, but if you'd like to share the story behind it, well, that would just be an added bonus.  Most of my mugs hold a special significance.  I usually buy one while taking a vacation and have started a collection.

So please sign up on the linky below and we'll stop by to see your fave mug (for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, cider, mulled wine, tom and jerry's, etc.) on THURSDAY, JANUARY 27.

there's a PRIZE, of course, for our favorite mug out of the ones you post.
  • a really super cool coffee mug that gets along well with others - we swear! (sent to a US address) OR amazon gift card at the same price (sent wherever you are around the world)
  • TWO PRIZES (same options) if we have more than 30 participants. 
please spread the word to your blogging buddies!  come on, we all love that HOT drink during these (cold) winter months.  share your mug shot with us...no, wait, that's share a shot of your mug with us!  what's to lose?  if anything you may GAIN a few followers!

week one:  hot guys, well, actors to be more precise

'nuf said.  now go have a tall glass of something cool (if you need it).


  1. Fun! Going to sign up as soon as I figure out how...little confused when clicky on the link. Will figure it out! Probably just my blonde acting up.

    Thanks for the hottness!! Yum. Yum.

  2. Colene - Just type in your blog name first (this is what will show on the linky here), then your blog address (when they click on your name, the link will take them to your blog), and your email at the bottom.

    We'll repost the linky's on the 27th here so they're easy for everyone to see, visit, and comment.

  3. This sounds fun, I'm signed up and have your blogfest added to my blogfest tab.

  4. Whoo! I do need a tall glass of something cool now! What a fun blogfest. I can totally do this one! And I happen to have a great writer story to go with it...

  5. Sorry ladies I screwed up my entry. You can delete #3 (if possible) that was me. I think I was still all flustered from those pictures. Whew!

  6. Why THAT'S EASY!

    I'm in! You've also inspired me to add a box in my sidebar to keep track of what I'm doing. I know I've got 3 (meaning 5 but 2 are over) blogfests in January and I already have forgotten one... short of a secretary, at least if it's in my sidebar, I will remember! (erm... probably)

    Oh, and thanks for the hotness!

  7. I love these posts. Thanks for finishing with Zak Effron, whew!

    I left you two an award on my blog. Have a great day!

  8. Now this is simple....

    I guess I can post a "mug" shot on the 27th.... Sounds fun ladies. I"ll put it in my sidebar when I get a chance.... super busy week...


  9. What a fun blogfest. I would if I wasn't in the middle of my blog book tour. I know you'll understand. Good luck with all the hot-ness.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  10. I'm sorry, after Brad Pitt I didn't see anything else.

  11. Love it! I can go on and on about my favorite mug... and I have been known to chastise people for using my favorite.

  12. YAY! Thanks everyone! We're excited to see your mug shots on the 27th!!! christy (come back for more hotness next thursday!)

  13. Those super hot hunks made me smile (lasciviously). What a great blogfest too. I love my coffee and my tea for that matter, so it's very me.
    I've had a fraught week visiting aged P's etc. so it's glad to be back blogging properly.:O)

  14. Hey I was going to say I couldn't do this as I'm hosting N R Williams on that day then I had an inspiration - I'm posting on my Paris Blog instead and I'll show my favourite Paris coffee mug! Cool!

  15. Fun blogfest - I'm in! And thanks for the other hotness - gotta appreciate a guy with great abs! :)

  16. Ooh, love it girls. And um, why do I feel all creepy when I look at Zac Efron? Yum.

  17. Loving the hot guys! And loving the hot mug blogfest idea!

  18. Just signed up! And I must thank you for posting pics of Paul Walker and Zac Efron...YUM!!!!

  19. Fun! And easy! I can totally do that... :)

  20. Just heard about this over at Donea's blog! It's not up on my sidebar (better late than never) and tomorrow I'll share my mug with my truth thursdays!

  21. This is the best blogfest ever! I'll have to click through links, but I don't have time to get a pic of my mug up (it's in the dishwasher!). I am glad to have found your blog though, I love collaborators.


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