Slowly but surely, a Twofer Tuesday post (and way huge prizes)

We are very thankful. You guys know that - heck, we can't stop talking about it. We're teachers with students who put their faith in us every day. Moms with kids who adore us. Wives with husbands who, um, yep, we just checked - love us dearly. Bloggers with, yep, we just checked, 140 followers. And we recently got another blog award. Thanks, Nicki (follow her. she's uber-80s-cool)!!

whoa, christy, did you see that? I copy and pasted all by myself!!

Um, we can't remember what the Stylish blogger Award entails. But since I (erica) haven't revealed 7 odd things about myself yet, let's have at'er. (stick with us until the end, or, if you can't, skip down. You'll want to. huge prizes, baby.).
1. When I received this award, I was wearing pajama pants and an Old Navy fleece. No, they did not match. Stylish, eh?
2. I gave birth to my 2nd son 1 hour and 50 min. after my first contraction.
3. I live 40 minutes from the nearest hospital.
4. My 2nd son appeared at 1:36 am.
5. My 2nd son (okay, fine, his name is Jacob) was delivered by an OB wearing only Care Bear jammies and socks (and gloves, of course). (yes, I wanted to name him Good Luck Bear, but kept that to myself until now)
6. My future-husband only met me once before he sacrificed Superbowl Sunday to take me on a first date.
7. We've been together for 16 years, this Superbowl (played by the Packers, if you haven't heard, hehe). (anyone else notice I put these in backwards order? oh well.)


So, last week we mentioned that we lost followers. No idea why. We hope the count's all wonky, like our friend Su said, but anyway...

We're at 140 followers. We're excited. There's something about teaching that makes us want EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to like us. And sure, we know some people are horrible. Some people are not worthy of our followership (is that a word?). So don't follow us if you are -



Other than that, we love you and want you to love us. And feel free to share us with others. In fact, do it for prizes. Good ones. We're hoping for 150 followers.


That's a big number for us. We're so, so, so happy with our followers, but we also want new ones. Followers who tell us what they want to hear about from us. Followers who we can follow who tell us what we want to know (okay, I'm a bit dizzy now).

We are in love with 150. Please, spread the word. We want 150. And if you're one of our favorite 150 people in the world (or, er, a follower), you win some awesome prizes. Really.

SO: You have your choice: The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins (all 3) or The Gone Series by Michael Grant (the 3 that are out).



So, if you comment, you get an entry. If you advertise, we hit 150. And you can't win unless we hit 150. It's simple. Tell us you want to win. Tell others that they want to win. Then someone wins. It's up to you. No 150, no prize (we're actually not that mean, but if we hit 2/6 and don't hit 150, the prize won't be as good, we assure you) (it might be our manuscripts, due for a critique by you, you never know, hehe). (already own both series? really? let us know and we'll work something out.)

And for all that's wonderful in this world, join our blogfest. It's easy. It's wonderful. IT'S HOT!!!
linky's on the right. one more entry and more prizes there, too! we love our friends!!


  1. Hey guys! Awesome contest, awesome prizes. I'm not commenting to enter (I have both series, love them!) but just to show you some love and congrats on 140/soon to be 150. I'll put you on my sidebar since it's a great contest! :)

  2. I wanna win, dammit. I WANNA WIN!

    I don't have The Hunger Games series yet. I borrowed the first from the library about a year ago but haven't started the second.

    {{{Hugs}}} and early congrats on 150 'cause I know you'll get there soon.

  3. Dang-- I just invited Darth Vader to follow you when we had tea yesterday afternoon. I'll phone him & tell him I was just kidding about this great blog I read.

    Also, woohoo! I got a mention! :D

  4. I. Want. To. Win. I'll post it in a bit... but let me just say that given #6 above... Christy has a keeper. ;-)

    Hey Erica and Christy, you should create a "150" Button that we can all use to post with.

  5. I don't know why people would stop following you. But after what Christy said about the impact of my Music Blogfest post being added to her list of favorites, well let's just say that you have a follower in me for life.

  6. Hello,

    Congrats on the award! WE have to see who makes 150 first. I've been sitting at 145 for days.

    I would love to read the Hunger series. I heard a lot of amazing things about it.

    You should make your goal easily.... everyone LOVES erica and christy.


  7. Firstly, you ARE loved already! You both are so awesome, how could you not be!? Secondly, awesome contest! Count me in!(sidebar linkage) 3rd, Congratulations on your award!! And interesting son facts! (happy anniversary!)

  8. Oh, you will TOTALLY hit the big 1-5-0! No doubts here! And great contest - please count me in!

    And congrats on your award! I'll even go all cheesy for you gals on Feb. 6th ~ :)

  9. OH! And I'll blog about it (your contest) tomorrow, too!

  10. Oh good luck with the 150.

    I'm only 2 away (cries like a baby)

    Does your competition extend to the middle of nowhere? If it does, I want to win please.

    And I would love for Darth Vadar to follow me. (cries some more).

  11. HA! I want to WIN! I need to own the Hunger Game Series (I love them and want my KIDS to read them...) Facebooked... Tweeted... That is some 3000 people if my stats are to be believed *shifty*

  12. You'll hit it cause you rock that much! I'd be happy to spread the word about your fantastic blog. I'd love to win The Hunger Games series but really I'd love to bring new followers to you cause you both rock.

  13. Um. I wanna win. ? Enter ME, erica! I already have the Hunger Games Trilogy. I want the Gone series. Please? I'll blog and sidebar it for you (us). ? Okay, okay. :0) I'll just let one of our FANTABULOUS followers and commenters have them. Lately I've had ZERO time for reading anyways. SUPER prizes though, erica. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!! christy

  14. Good luck ladies, although I'm sure you'll end up with more than 150!


  15. Aw, congrats on the award!! I'm showing you gals some love but don't enter me because I already have both series (box set of Collins, and ARCs of the Gone series). Good luck on the 150 goal, I know you'll make it!!

  16. Less than two hours to have a baby? Don't advertise that or women may have you. 20 1/2 hours, including 3 1/2 hours of pushing for the first one. 13 hours, which 10 minutes of pushing for the 2nd.

    At least I got better at pushing...

    I'm not Voldermort or Darth Vader so I'm eligible to enter this contest. I don't know who the middle guy is, but I don't think I'm him either.

    I'll put this on my sidebar and post it on FB later today. I can't now because FB is blocked at work.

    Good luck reaching 150 followers! 143 now!

  17. Sorry I'm not a very active commenter, but I do stop by and read. :)

    I would lurvvee to join this contest (new books are ALWAYS amazing). My roomie & I blog together so I'm going to go up your follower count one more RIGHT NOW.

    Good luck! *fingers crossed* (for you and for all of us.) ;)

  18. Odd...I swear I already follow you! Ah well...I'm no. 146, so you're nearly there!

  19. I'm 150. YES!!! I can't believe I wasn't following. WTH?

  20. Congrats on already surpassing 150 followers! And Erica, thanks for the email telling me about this contest. I appreciate it! I have the Hunger Games series (including a Suzanne Collins signed copy of Mockingjay!!), so I'd love to be in the running for the other. Thanks!

    Off to advertise your blog on my sidebar!

  21. Haha, you're there already!!! I have the Hunger Games, so would love The Gone Series - sounds really cool :)

    Hugs (and congrats),


  22. Okay, I've counted them up and we're halfway through the first quarter. Thanks to all our new followers, our "old" followers, and all entrants. I wish you all could win, but did I mention we're working off teachers' salaries here???? Good luck to all of you (and if you just got here, you have until the end of the Superbowl to enter).


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