Is the New Year Over Yet?

Remember January 1st, 2011?? The world was full of possibilities. Would we all lost weight? YES! Work out to gain muscle? YOU BETCHA!! Write everyday? ABSOLUT-wait, what??

I (erica) haven't told my family that I write yet (my resolution). But I will, I swear. As soon as either someone asks randomly or if I have good news to report (okay, so I'm cheating a little).

And, um, losing weight wasn't actually a resolution for me, but it's a new one. Remember the other day when I said I play bar-league poker? Well, I was in a tournament Tuesday night and the winner won an almost-free trip to Las Vegas last fall. I jokingly said that if I won, I'd have a lot of work to do to get ready for a public bathing suit appearance (because I'm willing to go to a water park in Wisconsin this way, but LV is sssoooooo different).

AND I WON!!!!!

*contemplates leaving blog to walk on treadmill for about 8 million hours*

But first - Christy and I are going to our first writer's conference in a few weeks and while I do have an ms to pitch to agents (the one in ABNA right now), I would love, love, love to have Coyote Hotel in at least first-draft finished form by then. I had to delete (another) huge section, including an entire character, this week, so I'm back down to 17k words and a few plot holes you could sink a boulder into.

*contemplates leaving blog to plug holes and add thousands of words to WIP*

*remembers Christy, who's tiny, might see her in a bathing suit next month and pledges to walk an additional 5 million hours*

*hopes blogger buddies notice that erica will be busy for awhile, but will definitely visit when she can!!* (what's up with the 3rd person?)

Oh, and in (almost) conclusion - I watched my kids feed a newborn calf a bottle today (i's mom was a bit unhappy and didn't to let him feed). Cutest. Thing. Ever. May you find the wonder of every day things in your life today!! (now get walking, I mean writing!)

So, how did you do so far? Let us know what worked and what didn't (and why, if you feel like sharing) in the first two months of 2011.


  1. I am so confused - could you define "family" for me? Are we talking the people you live with, or the ones that raised you, or the ones you see only at funerals? i just find it hard to believe that with 250 followers, you could keep your writing a secret

    and, it's not like you're writing erotica (are you?) or some embarrasing tell-all, so just tell them- or better yet, SHOW them at the next barn raising or whatever you all do for fun out there!

  2. Congrats, Erica and good luck with the weight loss and beefing up the wip!

    I can't believe it's already March. One of my resolutions is to get my current wip to query-ready. I have since finished another draft, but it's not there yet. But it will be - I can feel it.

  3. Like you, I've been working out in anticipation of a trip to Hawaii this summer. I've got myself up to about 10 miles a week so far.

    As far as writing goes, I'm finally finished another round of edits on my WIP. One more pass for consistency/typoes and I'm sending it out the door to some beta readers. Woo!

  4. Mike - my husband knows that I wrote a book or two, but has no idea what happens beyond that. No one else knows, and I have no idea what they think about Facebook page (no giving me away over there, btw)!

    Vicki and Melissa - you guys are getting close - yay!!! (now I want to go to Hawaii...)

  5. Hi, Erica,

    CONGRATS on the LV... You'll love it. What a fun place.

    I can't believe you cut another chapter out and a character.

    I was so hoping to go the conference, but I won't be back by then. I thought it was in August.

    Oh, well, Erica,
    I will just have to wait until the end of June to meet you.

    I'll be meeting Christy in a few weeks... YAY!

    ANOTHER gorgeous day in sunny Florida...


  6. I too need 8 million hours on the treadmill, and plugging and thousands of words added to WIP, so at least you're not alone :) You can do it! Have fun in LV!

  7. Congratulations on your win!! You'll have so much fun in Vegas!! I'm sure you won't need to do as much walking as you think ;p And good luck on your WIP and getting it ready for the conference- that's so exciting you guys get to go together!

  8. So you have 13 million hours of walking and untold Ks of writing to do? Yikes! Better work on that time machine while you're at it!

    My resolutions are going slowly. I said I'd write seven complete picture book manuscripts this year and submit something every month. I'm partially done with one manuscript. And I've done some submissions, but not as much as I had hoped!

  9. Whoohoo to winning!!! That is a lot of millions of years worth of work. Time machine? Good luck getting ready for everything and accomplishing your goals!! So, you're one of those writers that can't just write straight through, you have to edit as you go, then? Innnteresting.

  10. Congrat on winning! That's great to have a goal to shoot for! Theoretically my goal is the Chicago meet up, but it hasn't done as well motivating me as it ought to... hmph.

    Good luck getting all your stuff done and ready!

  11. Sounds like you need one of those treadmill desks, so you can walk and type at the same time! And if you get one, I am so coming for a visit to check it out!


  12. wait. Erica--you won a trip to Vega$??? That's totally cool!!! Congratulations!!! :D

    And well... I've got my revision back to requesting agent. My goal is getting closer... I need to get more exercise, too. :p Best on everything! <3

  13. Ah the first two months. Well, still agent hunting so I haven't acheived that one. But I have nearly finished a new novel and I did a major rewrite of my prior novel, and I attended two conferences. As for the weight loss thing, still working on it myself. ;)


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