We interrupt these proceedings...and an awesome recipe

Wow, things can change in a few hours. I (erica) thought I had nothing to blog about. Then, well, miracles happened. First, I'm posting an amazing recipe and blog. Then, I'm talking about my amazing blog partner. Sorry if this gets long, try to hang in!!

Michael (yes, click on his name. we are so happy to know him and love him and will soon claim that we have met him in real life!!) gave us a super, super, yummy, yum, yum recipe, and totally low-fat. Thank you, Michael!!!

Sauteed Turkey Breast in Brandied Apple Sauce. (serves 6 - 8)

3-4 pound turkey breast, sliced scallopini style- quarter inch thick on an angle
2 granny smith and 2 red delicious apples, diced a quarter inch
1/4 cup of chopped parsley
1/2 cup brandy
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup water
One teaspoon cardamon
One teaspoon all spice
One tablespoon of cornstarch diluted in 1/8 cup of milk
salt and pepper turkey to taste

In saute pan add a quarter cup of olive oil. Lightly saute turkey for 2 minutes on each side. Take out and put aside.

In the same pan add water, brandy, maple syrup. cardamon, all spice... bring to a boil add apples and cook for two minutes.

Lower heat to simmering point and cook for 10-15 minutes until apples are tender.

Place turkey in sauce. Cook for 3 minutes.

Add cornstarch - a little a bit a time. (constancy should be like maple syrup.- if too thick add water)

(and onto the second half of our post) (i almost claimed to have nothing to blog about and no time to write a post, but only because i spent part of today emailing this to christy.  and this is only the half of it...)
Day One of our Conference (yes, I will tell you about day two at some point. I figure you can only handle so much excitement in one day):

Friday, April 8th

7:30-9:00 - arrive, find a parking spot, fix makeup in car, rush to registration, get lost, turn around, find someone to direct us, register, get cup of coffee - and try to look calm, cool, and collected (breathing, yes, breathing is good)

8:30 - 9:00 - wander around, listen to director talk about what's new this year. Look anxiously for a tall brunette (if you're christy) or a short brunette (if you're erica). Try not to wave furiously. Do it anyway.

9:00 - 9:30 - find each other, almost hug, decide instead to act all calm, cool, and collected, and find chairs together. Then jump up when our names are announced as contest winners (or, you know, clap appreciatively. Whatever everyone else does)

9:30 - 11:30 - Session: I Can’t Hear You! Finding Your Author’s Voice, and Putting It on the Page with Josie Brown

11:00 - Christy takes leave for her agent pitch session and rocks it. Erica listens to rest of Josie's talk.

11:45 - 1:00 luncheon and christy tells erica everything about her pitch session.

1:15 - 2:45 - Enticing Openings: Hook Readers (and Editors) from the Start with Angela Rydell (bring your opening paragraph) - one of us might go to the plotting party session here -

1:55 - Erica leaves for her agent pitch, which she'll rock. Christy listens to the rest of the talk.

2:30 - 2:45 - break (erica tells christy all about her pitch session)

2:45 - 4:00 - Characters - Beyond Goal, Motivation and Conflict with Lori Devoti

4:00 - 4:15 break

4:15 - 5:30 - Agent panel

5:30 - 6:30 optional "speed pitching" (I'm assuming we won't do this since we already pitched) or the Artistic Jam Session, which is basically networking and they divide the people there into 2 panels, from what I can see (if we aren't asleep!)

Either 5:30 or 6:30 - drive to and check into hotel. Nap. Hot tub. Wine might be involved.

Okay, blog followers who are still here - you know you want to join us, so do it if you can! Here's the link: (I won't even accidentally hide it this time): click here to link to the conference.

To come from erica and christy this month? Loglines and pitches and first pages, oh my!! (not to mention a ton of links that will benefit you guys on these same subjects)


  1. Sounds like a great month ahead! Opening pages are so important! Hope you had fun at the conference and thanks for the recipe!

  2. WTF? No hug? No lingering looks that might lead to a kiss...

  3. I've never pitched at a conference (the opportunity doesn't exists at the LA SCBWI one). Whew! I'm not sure I'd want to do it. Sounds easier just to query the agent and end up in their slushpile with everyone else.

  4. Oooh that recipe sounds divine!

    As does the conference. So jealous!


  5. I'll definitely try that recipe and your conference schedule sounds hectic but fun!

  6. I'll definitely try that recipe and your conference schedule sounds hectic but fun!

  7. This post left me out of breath. lol
    Looking forward to day two and the rest of the month.

  8. Hi, Christy and Erica,

    So glad you like the recipe!

    I just noticed that my recent comments have not been registered on my comments... Mike just might catch up! lol I recently left my gideon86 behind, I guess I just have to switch back when I comment on your sight. I WILL NEVER give up my spot....lol


  9. That is one very exciting plan. :)

  10. Yum! I am copying that recipe and planning dinner. Thank you for posting it, and thanks, Michael!

    Love your conference schedule, and it is so great that the two of you are going to meet and be able to share the conference with each other. There's an excellent post on pitching on agent Jessica Faust's blog at BookEnds today (http://bookendslitagency.blogspot.com/). And the same subject is covered over at our blog, too (CritiqueSistersCorner.blogspot.com/) Perfect timing! Best of luck to you both, and have a wonderful time.

  11. I have something for you on my blog

  12. you guys are too cute--and that sounds like an amazing recipe. Michael's a dear. Have a super week! :o) <3

  13. Aw, looks like you will have so much fun! At first I thought it already happened and was like WOOHOO you rocked your pitch sessions! But then I saw that it was in April, but I"m still going to say WOOHOO you will totally rock those pitches!

  14. FUN! Jealous of you guys going too! BUT I must say, you have to hug...I mean. Come on...;)


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