Writing Five Year Old Style

While in Florida, my five year old wrote and illustrated his first book. 
(He illustrated it and dictated the story.  I wrote it down for him, word for word.)

 Here it is for you to enjoy!

Spider-Man VS The Vulture

Spider-man was hanging on the wall.  He saw a creepy villain.  That villain looked familiar. And then he suddenly knew his name.  The Vulture.

The Vulture was swooping up, up, up into the sky. He suddenly took a planet and threw it at Spider-man. And Spider-man fell to the ground.

The planet suddenly burst something out. The Vulture didn't know what it was, but Spider-man did. It was hot lava mixed with cold water. It mushed up and hit the Vulture. It turned the Vulture little, little and hit Spider-man, just one little sliver of it, and made Spider-man a little smaller, but still big. The Vulture wasn't big at all. The world was safe by Spider-man again. 


  1. Pure drivel - get your facts straight! For one thing, a planet hitting the earth would cause catastrophic damage to the entire world, yet Spiderman walks away unscathed. Hot lava would not cause the shrinkage you described. And the overuse of "suddenly" made me suddenly want to vomit. - signed, A. Critic

    PS - I cant even give this a "1-Star" rating, as the sudden removal of a planet from the solar system would have created a vortex wherein which ALL the stars would have been sucked in and detroyed!

    please please please tell me your sure to be adorable kid isn't reading this - but if he is, please explain to him about sarcasm and humor, and the idiots in the world (like me) who use them to smash the dreams of little boys everywhere! It really was very sweet and cute! - Mike

  2. Aw, so cute. My 7 yo wrote and illustrated his own books all through kindergarten and 1st grade. Not so much in 2nd grade, but now he's really into reading Harry Potter and can barely get his nose out of the book long enough to go to school. LOL!

  3. Well done, both son and mom! Nurturing his creativity--fabulous. I kept reams of my son's stories, many of which he dictated and I typed up for him. They are gems, and I know that both you and your son will LOVE having SPIDER vs. the Vulture when he's older.

  4. Well, your five year old seems to be gifted in the art of story telling !! Just like you!!

    Cool!!! and happy to know that you are encouraging him!! You are an awesome parent@!@@

    with warm regards

  5. *looks around with puzzled expression*

    Am I in the right place?? I tell ya', I have no computer access for ONE DAY and look what happens!

    Just kidding, christy, off to see what else you've done with the place!

    I think your son has a real future as an illustrator!! (my 4 yo can barely make spiders :)

  6. Thanks everyone! I'll pass on only the kind words to my son. ;0) I love it when he tells me stories. Hehe, Mike. I laughed when he kept using "suddenly" too. It was even funnier listening to the expression he'd use when he started his sentences with it!

    erica--hope you like our new "home".


  7. That is beyond cute. Looks like you have a budding illustrator or author there! By the way, wow, I love what you've done with the place.

  8. That is super cute, tell him his adoring fans want to hear more stories from him.

  9. I vote for cute, adorable, beyond cute, and super cute....

    So much talent runs in the family.


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  11. Wonderful thoughts of your cute child!
    Boosted by encouragement of his parents!
    Steps for bright future!
    Creates new innovative world!

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  12. I love the illustrations (and the new blog design!)

  13. Love this! I remember similar books my siblings and I wrote and illustrated as children. And some of us, of course, never stopped. One part of childhood I never want to give up (though I don't illustrate my work any more!).


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