Is there a 12-step program for this?

Ever since the last day of school, one or the other (or both) of my kids have had summer school. My former-fifth grader because he signs up for the fun stuff and my former-kindergartner because he needs extra help with reading and writing plus they're both in baseball/t-ball. I'm their wake-up calling, breakfast-making, clothes-get-readying, lunch-making, chauffering mother who must be available to transport a child at any given moment.

I should look like this:

Instead, I do a lot of waiting around in my house. Which makes me look like this:

I hardly ever watch TV. I make fun of my husband, who watches just about anything, including weird '50s shows about the wild west and any cheesy sci-fi show he finds. But now, now, I have become a Mommy Zombie. And instead of brains, I feed on this for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week:

Did you know Grey's is on the Lifetime Network every week day from 12:00-3:00 (central time)? And that I only watched the first season of Greys, but in the past 4 weeks, I'm up to season 7, episode 8? No, I haven't watched every episode of every season, that would be an unhealthy addic. . .

Wait? Do they have a 12-step program for this? I just might need one. Because tomorrow's the last day of summer school for my little guy and I'm not sure I can quit this cold-turkey. And I already have that Brewers baseball addiction that keeps me more or less glued to the TV a few hours a day all spring/summer sesason.

But does Christina go back to medicine? Do Meredith and Derek have a baby (okay, I actually know the answer to this one, but I can't remember why I know it)? What happens to Callie and Arizona?

Seriously, people, I need to know. Or kick the habit. Or. . .I can't think of a 3rd option. Wish me luck!

How about you? Any closet fetishes? Come clean in the comments!


  1. Funny. I don't have the summers off so I don't have that problem. I hardly ever watch TV. I read a lot in the little time I have. But I confess I spend a lot of time reading blogs. I might need a program to stop doing so much of that.

  2. LOL, I share your addiction. And I was totally bummed I missed the two-parter last week where the guy goes postal. (Even though I've seen it several times already.) So yeah, I spend three hours every day glued to Lifetime - although here it's on from 2-5pm. Funny thing is, though, I never watch Grey's new episodes when they come on at night. Night is for writing and besides, the hubs just doesn't understand why I like the show.

    That's right. I'm a addict, and I feed my addiction alone. Sad, really. ;o)

  3. It was Gilmore Girls reruns for me. After my daughter was born, I went through a period of heavy GG watching (I had only watched a few episodes before that).

  4. Haha. Hi. My name is Colene and I HAVE seen every episode. And began rewatching them recently. It's addicting! But I can tell you, if you have Netflix, they're all on it. I know the most recent recent season isn't, but I think up the 7 at least is. Maybe 8. Hmm.

  5. LOL! I do have some TV addictions, but you know, I've never watched Grey's Anatomy! I have many friends who don't miss an episode. The closest I've been to that lately I guess was Vampire Diaries. I know! And I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. So there you go. :D <3

  6. Too funny! I tend to have the tv running a lot in the background. I love a lot of the shows on Space & I totally understand that sometimes we HAVE to know what happens next!!!

  7. BAHAHAHA! Okay, I want to be Super Mom but mostly, I am MOM TRYING TO WORK WHILE ALL THE KIDS ARE HOME BC CAMP HASN'T STARTED YET. I haven't watched TV in like 18 months. But my closet fetish is Twitter which I can check on my phone while I work. It's horrible. I must get off of it bc I'm starting to pretend famous people are my friends.

  8. LOL! Well you could always write more. *shifty eyes* My advice is to go cold turkey. We haven't had cable or even hooked up our TV for...eight years? Yup. If we want to watch something we have to track it down via the web, which means we spend almost no time watching TV--and a lot more time reading. Good luck!

    Oh and in the meantime--this is for both of you, you've been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award. =)



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