so, erica just reminded me...

erica reminded me via an email conversation that we write a blog.

so, here i am.

right this very second my five month old is screaming his lungs out.  for the past six weeks he does this.  it used to be only during the middle of the night hours.  now it's all. the. time.

for the first four months of his life, he was THE best sleeping baby.  happy all day.  he got fussy and wanted, yes WANTED, to go to bed at 7 PM and then he slept, i'm not kdding you, until 6 AM.

it was miraculous.

but now.  now it all changed.

just after he turned four months old, when he'd wake up to eat in the middle of the night, i thought he was going through a growth spurt.  so for two weeks, i fed him whenever he wanted, feeling all happy about the growth spurt, knowing he'd go back to his normal, wonderful sleepy schedule soon.  so very, very soon.

that day never came.

it's not a growth spurt anymore.  it's a bad, bad habit.

and except for the wanting to eat your face part, i'm feeling very much like a zombie.

i've never been into zombie books, and really don't understand the hype, but i am beginning to think i could rock one. i'd totally get the pov spot on.

so, between the constant screaming (because the way to break the habit is to let them scream it out, right????  right?????) and the other two kids who don't eat meals but want snacks constantly, and the dog who is hot and parched needing water every half an hour (like, he's emptied his bowl three times a day for the past two days), and this very difficult decision i need to make by wednesday that has my tummy in knots and my brain on a tilt-a-whirl (another story), writing has been nearly impossible.

90 day novel.  today is day 5.  i'm on day 4.  i'm not sure how successful my days have been so far, but they're not total washes....

more on my difficult decision and my 90 day novel progress in a day or so.

hope you are doing well, writing and otherwise!

* i should add that there is nothing wrong with my beautiful little boy other than he is a normal fussy baby right now.  i thank God for the blessing of him and his health.  i may feel like complaining once in a while, but i never forget how blessed i am, and how truly happy i am, hungry, thirsty, whiny household and all!


  1. Christy, you might want to check your dog out at the Vet. That much water could be a kidney problem, or like here in SW Louisiana, it just brutally hot!

    I will pray that your problem will have some kind of workable, non-threatening solution. I have one right now of my own. Sadly, there is no happy ending to this one. May a happy ending be possible for you, Roland

  2. (((Hugs))) Thought you might need that. ;)

  3. Oh dear. I hope baby boy stops crying soon. You're one day ahead of me on the 90 dayer. I'm on day 3. *Hangs head in shame*

  4. You and I have the same kids. Seriously. Although my first and third babies were like that. Hang in there. When they're five, they'll still be coming to your room in the middle of the night. (Oh, did I just sound discouraging?) :)

  5. Sorry there's no advice I can give you. But you do have my deepest sympathies for your lost sleep. I hope this phase passes soon.


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