absolutely 100% invested

Whether I'm writing or running or mothering or teaching or cleaning or complaining, I'm 100 percent invested in whatever it is I'm doing at that moment.  And having that many things going on at once makes me 1000% exhausted.


The lack of blog postage postingage posts.

But, now that the teacher part of me can sleep for a few weeks, I can spare some time for the writer part of me, or more specifically, the social writer part of me. READ:  you guys.

ALSO, I've been writing, some, these past few weeks.  In fact, in one week alone I got 10k into a brand new novel. 

This is the one, folks!


Also, I've been reading.  Most recently, I read THE FAERIE PRINCE by Rachel Morgan, an Indie author who has done it all completely right.  The novel?  It's the second in a trilogy.  It's paranormal.   It's romance.  It's kick-ass, hard-core, girl making her way to the top.  Rachel has also started her own media company to help out other authors who decide to go Indie.  You must read THE FAERIE GUARDIAN and THE FAERIE PRINCE.  And you must check out her new company (Morgan Media) to see the beautiful images she can create and services she can offer.

Since it's summer, I'm getting ready for Write On Con coming up in August.  I'm hoping to have THE NOVEL done by the end of June so it can be edited and revised and ready for WOC.  Shh. Don't tell me there are rules about letting it sleep for six months.  Rules schmools when it's the one, right? 



Since you probably forgot all about us way over here, I'll make my way around your blogs to catch up!!!

Miss you.




  1. I've been MIA too lately. I've missed you ladies!

  2. Good to see you again! I hope you have a restful summer (or as restful as it can get for you moms).

  3. Thank you both SO much for not forgetting us in our long absence. Off to visit you! C

  4. Hey, Christy, Hi, Erica,

    SO HAPPY to see you back! Christy is really nice to see you back to your perky self....

  5. You're not forgotten! So nice to see you!

  6. Good for you Christy! Writing THE ONE!!! Love when the words are flowing!

    We still have a couple of weeks of school to go, but I'm soooooo looking forward to some serious 'me' writing time!


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