My latest Query...and a New Discovery

I'm so new at this writing thing that I just discovered querytracker.net and WriteOnCon.com...thankfully! I'm excited for the (free!)online writer's conference (August 10-12)! I was brave and posted my query and first chapter and had a couple of very helpful critiques.

Here's the Query

Dear (Agent),

Gossip, spread over the past 70 years, implicates fifteen year old Dawn Buchanen as the descendant who will cause the collision of the Earth and Themura dimensions. Ironically, she is a straight-laced girl who never breaks the rules. She has no idea Transporters, nor the alternate dimension they visit, even exist—until she falls in love with one. Unfortunately he believes the lie and breaks her heart, convinced she is the one who has come to succeed where her ancestors failed. Dawn is determined to prove her innocence, even when she begins fear she may not be.

Solstice is a 100,000 word Young Adult novel.

Thank you for considering my submission.

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