I am Not Normal

I spent the past five days in Vegas. Okay, 2 days in airports/airplanes and approximately the past 4.12 days in Vegas. Whatever.

I found out there that I am not normal.


I like to gamble (okay, that's not weird there). High stakes (you know, two dollars at a time). Without my husband. By myself. Alone.

Want to know what one guy said to me at the poker table after several hands that I won? If not, stop reading now. ;)  'Cuz I was kinda' proud.

Him: "Oh, you know how to speak?"
Me: "Why?"
Him: "You walked in here like you owned the place. Nice to know you can talk."

Thank you, writer friends. You helped me win at poker. Because, yeah, I can talk. But sometimes it's better to let the voices tell you things you never knew before...

Now forgive me. I played Texas Hold-Em for many, many hours this week. Including until 4:30 Tuesday morning, which left me with 3 hours of sleep before our flight back.

I'm sure my teaching skills were spot-on today. Yep. I'm sure.

Converse amongst yourselves. I'm taking a nap.


  1. Well, he was kinda rude. Either that or he was trying to get a tell out of you. Jerk. Have a nice nap. =o)

  2. I would like to point out there is a reason that Stephen King made Hell in The Stand in Vegas. You are a braver woman than I.

  3. It doesn't sound like you walked in like you owned the place. It sounds like you did own the place :). Sounds like someone was jealous of your mad skills.

  4. Some people get cranky when you try to talk to them during the game, so technically you were following unofficial protocol (that's my story anyhow).

    I'm the opposite -- I don't like to gamble much, so I find the lowest stakes I can. Pennies or nickels...only graduate to quarters if I have no other choice. can you say CHEAP?

  5. Ha, thanks girls! And Vicki - I did put $20 in the penny slot (only slot I played all week) and won $56. So that totally works, too!

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  7. Wow, you must really like Texas Hold-Em if you can play for that many hours! I don't think I could stay up till 4:30 for anything!

  8. LOL! You go, big spender! I am not a gambler. In fact I suck at it. And it's probably b/c I like to chat too much... :D Hope you win big~ <3


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