10 ways to be sure your editing won't get done (again tonight)

1. refresh your email, waiting for a messge from your blog partner/co-writer even though you know she is out for the evening

2.  read a blog re-capping The Bachelor even though you spent the previous night actually watching The Bachelor (Hey, at least the re-capped version was waaaaaay funnier and more entertaining!  srsly, check it out for yourself here.)

3.  check twitter even though you never write anything and you have no conversations with anybody on it

4.  daydream about the  new novel you will write once you can finally query the novel you are not editing

5.  read a blog post about how to begin a novel and start brainstorming ways to begin the novel you were daydreaming about  (so amazingly helpful!  you MUST read it NOW:  here.)

6.  click on a link to read about how to create well-rounded characters. stop to think about how these characters would want you to start out your new novel

7.  decide to create a new blog post even though you really have nothing to say other than to share how you are writing it only to keep from doing what you are supposed to be doing 

8.  wonder how you will finish the blog post and wonder further why you chose the number ten when clearly you have not really procrastinated that much...yet

9. (see 8)

10.  check the clock and wonder how long it will be before your eyes glaze over when it will be too late to open your acrobat.com acct to GET THE EDITING DONE, erm, started

(erica, really, if you're reading this, it's still relatively early and i'm going in right now.  i'll get lots done.  i hope you are having a fantastibulous time this evening.  i can't wait to email you tomorrow to tell you how i finished our edits.)



  1. Uhh.. were you guys following me around yesterday? So funny (and true) :)

  2. Agree that this is funny and true. To be honest, I never get much writing done at night by the time I can sit down to it after work and dinner. Too tired. I'd definitely do those things to not get to work.

  3. SO, funny.

    At least you NEVER lose your sense of humor Erica.... THANKFULLY.

  4. Wow. I do almost all those things. Frankly, it explains A LOT.


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