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What I'm Reading

I'm on vacation again this week.  Not still, but again. 
Last week we went on vacation with my parents.  This week we are on vacation with my husband's mom, five siblings and their families. 
There are 18 of us, two cabins, two bathrooms, six double beds.  There are lots of ants and lots of gnats.  My oldest son is not thrilled with the bugs.  I have not been a good influence on him.  He thinks the place is gross and is looking forward to going home.  Part of my can't blame him.  Two full weeks away from home is hard.  Fun, but hard at times. 
Most of those hard times (for me, not him) have been at my youngest son's nap and bed times (We have three sons.)  He's one and he's NOT going down well.  At home, naps are easy and very scheduled (not because I want I want them to be, but because that's what he needs and is ready for on his own every day).  That is NOT the way it's working out these two weeks away....
I feel like I'm leaving Middle Child out.  He's been eating really well here.  It was not the case at home. He just had tubes put in his ears and he's been very responsible about wearing his ear plugs and head band.
Oh, was this section supposed to be about a book?
What I'm Writing


 I've written 6k since last week's post! I'm 20k in!  I wanted to write another 10k this week, but I think I was aiming high.  Unless I can write TONS after we get home Saturday....There's a chance! 

What Inspires Me Right Now

I've been thinking up my best scenes when I'm running. As long as I can  hit the laptop shortly after, then the words are  not lost.

What Else I've Been Up To

 Er.  Whoops.  Already talked about this up there.  On vacation.  Swatting at gnats.  Being a crabby parent.  Avoiding ants with my bare feet.  Swimming. Praying there are no bed bugs.  Smiling. 
Ready. Set. Write.

I'm not officially participating, but I'd really love to write  at least 10k per week to finish my novel's first draft in the next two weeks. (I aim for 40k for the first draft and usually add 10-15k during revisions.)
Okay, I'll fess up.  I want it to be ready for WOC.  In a month.  I know, I know.  That's bad.  I'm rushing.  I'm breaking rules. 
I want to have the draft done and to edit revise my first 50 and to have a couple of betas have at it too.  Wishful thinking?



  1. I can't believe you're on vacation and you managed to write 6000 words! That's incredible! Maybe you're not "officially" participating in RSW, but you're sure plowing ahead! Good luck finishing up for WOC! A little wishful thinking is necessary sometimes, and I bet you can do it!

  2. I agree with Erin. Amazing you're writing while on vacation. Awesome if you finish it for WOC. Sounds like you can do it. We just got back from vacation and I'm just getting back into my writing.

  3. ohmygosh - this post cracked me up! And I've done the vacation thing with a one year old - not fun to veer off schedules, but worth it to see family. :)

    And wow! What impressive writing you've done! Good luck this week! I'm rooting for you and your 10K!

  4. 18 people and two bathrooms? Wowza.

    Congratulations on making such great progress with 27 DAISIES--on vacation no less. You are making great time to finish before WOC. Go, Christy, Go!

  5. 6000 words this week? Good for you! That's some awesome progress.

    I hear you on the bugs thing. I think I've turned into a bit of an indoor girl over the years. We used to camp a lot, and while I've never been crazy about bugs and dirt, they never used to bother me like they do now. I like creature comforts, and I prefer not to be swatting at bugs. But I hope you're all having fun nonetheless. A getaway of any kind sounds pretty good right now. Have fun! :)

  6. Sounds like vacation is turning out... interesting. Great fodder for future works! LOL! Hang in there, at least it seems it's helping your muse. :)

  7. Thanks, all! Your encouragement will help me get through another 6-10k! (Part of my time will be spent rearranging scenes, however. If only you knew how I was writing this thing.... aye aye aye. I'll have to blog about it. Christy

  8. I am just like you - I find such great inspiration while I run everyday! I leave my notebook in my car, so as soon as I'm done at the gym, I can write everything down...otherwise, I'll totally forget it all.

    Ants and gnats - such unwelcome guests while on vacation! But, I hope you're enjoying the time with your family, even if part of you can't wait to get home.

    Amazing progress on your writing, too! I totally want to have everything ready on my WiP for WOC, as well. I'm wrapping up the last of my revisions and then it's off to my CP's, so fingers crossed. Best of luck - I can't wait to see you around the WOC forums!

    Hope you have a great rest of your vacation!

  9. Considering how busy your vacation is, I think your writing progress is kind of amazing. Also, are you sure you're on vacation? It sounds kind of stressful. ;) I hope you're having fun though, and good luck with your goals!

  10. Good for you! Getting any writing done at all around bugs and naps and sleeps is tough! Have fun :)

  11. I have to say that I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only crabby parent while on vacation. We've been at my in-laws for the last few days and it's nearly impossible to get any writing done. This plus the horrible, horrible bedtimes have just sent me over the crabbiness edge.

    Enjoy being home after two long weeks! And good luck with your goals.

  12. Good luck with your goals! And I hope your vacation went well the rest of the time!

  13. I'm guessing you're home by now. That does sound chaotic. You're probably enjoying your vacation from your vacation now. :D

  14. Oh my goodness, that is a lot of family members in one place! I'm amazed you go ANY writing done!


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