Worrying about worrying

Yep, you guessed it, erica's on another snow day, so she came up with a blog post. (no, not really, this one's been bothering me for awhile).

I worry about a lot of things. Some of them are justified (like when I bypass a bill's due date because I'm waiting for my paycheck to come through) and some less so (like when I think christy might be mad that I didn't send her a chapter or a critique in time even though I know she understands my lack of time perception, haha).  I actually spent an entire day worrying that I worry too much. Yep.

In the past week, though, I had a big worry. One that might make me change jobs. And if there's one thing people who know me, know about me, it's that I seriously love my job. Teaching is what I do. But -

**pause for great big tears**

**I was going to start typing again but my tears are still really big and I can't see, so I'm going by my keyboarding skills right now**  **plus my mom called and interrupted what I was typing and told me what a wonderful person and teacher I am and the tears got even bigger** **dang moms anyway**

Okay. Deep breath. Moving on.

Sometimes investing your life to do what you really love can result in heartbreak (even after 17 years of doing it). If anyone can relate to that, it's my fellow writers. I love that all of you are working so hard toward your goals to become published authors - and that many of you have achieved it!!

If you have a blog or book link, paste it in below. If you've done something as accomplished as talking and chewing bubble gum at the same time - or even drinking through a straw without choking, paste it below! I want to know!!! OR - goals, anyone? (not to be confused with resolutions - those things are slippery) (fyi - we got like 4 inches of snow. total waste of a snow day here in WI)


  1. Today I will finish an ms critique I pledged to finish. In the next week, I will write at least 1000 words. And for my life, I will follow the words of wisdom a colleague sent me today: I have to put this in Gods hands or it will consume me with worry.

  2. No worrying about me EVER again!!! :) You are the fasted critique in history. Seriously, you could win awards with your speed! Thanks for reading my "stuff" and take your time, and a breath, and a Kleenex break. Have a glass of wine. Everything will work out and you will continue to do what God wants you to do, wherever He wants you to do it! It'll work out. TAKE A DEEP, DEEP BREATH. And, also, I'm serious about the wine. You, me, Castle about 9ish?? Is it a date or what?!? :) CHRISTY

  3. Snow expected here again, too (sigh). On a brighter note, my first book is coming out next month :)

  4. I also find myself plagued with worry. Every time I show my face in public, I worry I've said something stupid. My mind goes wild and the most horrific scenes pop up when my kids are out of sight for five seconds. If my husband is two seconds later than I think he should be I wonder if I should call the hospitals now or wait a while. Will my next book finally be a good one? And tornadoes. Actually, wind in general. Every time it blows I cringe with worry. I'm a terrible worrier.

    Whatever is going on at work, I'm sure it will right itself. Though I "borrow trouble" as my dad puts it (worrying about stuff I don't need to or can't control or creating what if situations in my mind), I do believe everything happens for a reason. Whatever happens, it might take some adjustment, but you can make it better than what you have right now. Of that I'm sure. You are a capable woman with a wonderful heart and personality.

    And, you asked for accomplishments - I published the 4th book in my series last November and it's doing quite well. (Sometimes worry can be a good thing - it drives us to be the best we can be.)

  5. Four inches is nothing for your area. Here, the whole town shuts down.
    After three successful books, I'm writing one in a whole new universe, an my goal is to finish and submit to my publisher this summer. Since it's a bit of a struggle right now, I worry that this time it's not going to work.

  6. I understand work worries. I also love my job, but see red flags that it might not exist by mid-year, so I've been dusting off the resume. I hope you can find some peace or a new way forward.

    Accomplishments? I've survived several unplanned five-day weekends due to snow cancellations and managed to not throttle my kid while telecommuting. Goals? Finish two chapters of the current WIP by the third week of March.

  7. I'm getting laid off this year after over 25 years at the same company because our contract wasn't renewed. Sometimes I'm hopeful and other times worried I won't find a new job. And I have similar worries if I really could handle being published while working. So I can relate. Good luck with the decisions.

  8. This is my 13th year of teaching and I still love it, but there are those days I feel like quitting . . . especially when half of my middle school students don't turn in an assignment. And publishing is about killing me! 18 Truths came out over 3 weeks ago and my head is still spinning. I'll be lucky if I can talk and chew bubble game at the same time by the time the third book releases. But I guess that's what my big girl panties are for . . . then there are also those days I put on a G-string and tell everyone to kiss it ;-) hahaha

  9. :HUGS:

    I worry all the time, but I internalize it all, so it looks like I'm fine. Stealth worrier! I worry even when I know there's nothing I can do about it, when I know worrying doesn't help, and when worrying makes it so I can't sleep at night. :shrug: It's who I am.

    I hope your worries resolves themselves soon. :hugs:

  10. I'm a worrywart too. I hope you can find a quick and happy solution for your current worry!

  11. Hugs! I hope you're feeling better now and worrying less than when you wrote this post. Putting everything in God's hands is a good plan :-)


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