So you want to be an #indie #author Part One (link to post)

Hey, all.

Thanks for all your support with my going #indie announcement!

Your kind words of encouragement and excitement truly mean the world to me.

I decided to post about my decision and the continuing journey, and I'd planned to dual post here and at Pen Name's blog, but after getting it set over there, I've decided with all the linkage, to just, well, give you a link to send you there.

So, I've posted on Cecelia Earl's blog, the first post in a series: So you want to be an #indie #author...

Hi, I’m no expert, but something Alex J. Cavanaugh, ninja, founder of the must-be-infamous Insecure Writers Support Group, and Amazon best-selling sci-fi author,  said in a comment to another post on another blog, made me think. Maybe I really can inspire or help another writer. So, in case I can, I’ve decided to try and blog about my publication journey (with some helpful links along the way)... 

To read more, click here.

Thanks again!


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome. I think inspiring others on their journey is even more special than our own journey. It certainly enhances it.

  2. I tried to leave a comment over there, but Wordpress blogs seems to always eat my comments. Boo!

    It's always great to hear these stories in which missteps and roadblocks don't mean a dead end but simply a different route.

  3. Aw, Alex is great, isn't he? #Nods Head

    I'll hop over!


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