Author Promotion on Facebook--Spots Available!

Hi all!

Welp. NaNoWriMo will have to be in December for me. I haven't started. BUT I have been very, very busy with other book-related projects, so I have a good reason for zero wordage. Really. The words will get written!

I've been completing final edits for When Ash Rains Down for my pen name, Cecelia Earl.
I've created a fun quiz for my Cover Reveal event on Facebook.
I've created some Meet the Character posts for the same event.

Aaaaaaannndd...I've started lining up some writing, author, and blogger friends to post during my Facebook Cover Reveal Event!  I'd love it if you joined me too.  I have open slots!!!! Say yes! It'll be fun. I promise!!

It's December 4. A Sunday. All day, but the author promotions are scheduled for 4-9 PM CST. I know it's the weekend after Thanksgiving and weeks before Christmas and you might still have to shop and clean and host family. I understand. But also, know this:

All you'd need to write is a short Facebook post, like a paragraph, about something writing, blogging, reading, publishing, design-related...or write something fun for readers! And pop on the Facebook event page during your time slot and post it to the Discussion wall.  That's it! If you want to hang around for 15-30 minutes in case anyone comments, you can, but you don't have to! I'll be there. 

What can your post be about? You can write about your favorite vacation spot (maybe it influenced the setting in your novel) or your favorite music (maybe your novel has a playlist) or your favorite food (characters sometimes eat, right?) or anything at all to entertain. I'm not looking for any one age group or genre because many of my family, friends, and colleagues will be popping in at the event and their reading preferences are varied. I want them to discover you all and enjoy you and your writing as much as I do!

I'll create a banner/ad for you, like these.  And on the day of the reveal, around the time of your post, I'll post an image of your book(s) with descriptions and maybe some reviews from Amazon or Goodreads with linkage.

So...let me know if you'd be interested in posting during a 15-minute or 30-minute time slot between 4 and 9 PM CST on Sunday, December 4 (Or any time, really. I'll be posting all day 5 AM through midnight!).  Email me nc_hintz@yahoo.com OR reply in the comments OR message me on Facebook OR Twitter. (@ericaandchristy OR @authorcecelia)

Here are some of the Facebook posts I've made for some authors so far, 
examples of some topics and how I'd share your post time with readers.

Here's the deal with the Cover Reveal event.

Here's the schedule for the day.

In addition to mugs, bookmarks, and giveaways of When Ash Rains Down, 
I'll be giving away favorite paranormal/angel books 
to those in attendance and especially those who interact during the posts.

Thanks all. Happy Thanksgiving (if you're in the US) and Happy Week to all!

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