Who's writing?

Okay, come on people - it's time to step it up. Let's write. Last weekend I (erica) added 4,200 words. At least a few of them were NOT craptastic, I assure you!!! The rest of the week, um, not so much. A newsletter, a parenting class, and a bunch of report cards, check. Fiction, nope. (yeah, christy taught me once how to update that little thingy in the sidebar, but I long ago forgot. I'm at something like 20,800 words. I'll make the thingy move soon, I promise.)

So this weekend, I'm shooting for 4,300 words. Who's with me??  Come on, you know you want to.
For a bit of inspiration, I give you a Grammy winner and seriously, how cute is this video??:

Or this one could work, too if you like sexy more than cute:

oh, wait. my personal favorite. meatloaf. in love. sorry if it takes a million years to load. I love me some meatloaf.

Have a wonderful weekend, blogger friends. We're so happy for our new followers and love and our adore our old previous followers. We are so, so lucky and blessed. Now for that publication deal for us all... 


  1. I'll accept the challenge if you'll accept the fact that it will be that number of works edited!
    Hugs, Carole.

  2. Ha! I was writing 15 minutes a day (per a challenge) until last weekend. Since then, it's all fallen apart! But I'm officially on winter break so I hope to make it up beginning tomorrow. Not today - in-laws are on their way!

    Happy weekend and happy writing!

  3. sounds like a great writing challenge. hopefully I'll get some revising done this weekend.

  4. Not sure how much writing I'll get done, but lately I've been absorbing a lot of Harry Potter. They say you can't really write if you don't read, too. And I've been reading quite a lot...200 pages at least this past Friday!

  5. Great tunes! I'm with Jeffrey, will probably try to read more this weekend. (Especially all of the blogs I've missed throughout the week! ;)

  6. Hi, Erica,

    I know I LOVE a good writing challenge, but I just finished writing a 58,000 word novel in seven weeks. I have nothing to write. Poor me!

    I HAVE TO EDIT! What fun! Still editing my final draft of Amber. I65 pages to go. This is the longest edit I've done on this book. #75 I think. I lost track after the first fifty. lol

    Good luck this weekend. I know you can do it.


    Sorry, Mike. This is my 113th. lol

  7. What a fun post! Good luck reaching your word count! I am with you if I can count Monday as part of the weekend. (It is President's Day after all!)

    Diane (Fellow Crusader)

  8. I'm writing poems- I hope that counts- though my word average is not quite as high.

  9. Challenge accepted...now to get writing. Wish I had seen this 7 hours ago; instead I was shopping for summer clothes, in the rain! Oh the irony.

  10. I am in!

    I have no idea how many words I'll get over the weekend, but I am thinking 3,000-5,000! Woo-hoo!

    Let's go!


    (maybe not so many exclamation points, though.)

  11. If Monday counts as part of the weekend - MAYBE. If not, no way!

  12. Wow, lots of fun things happening this weekend! I know our Canadian friends have Family Day Monday and some US places have off for President's Day (not us, though) - so, yep, use it for writing and have a ball!

    Summer - poetry definitely counts. If inspiration hits, you could have one ready for submission within the week. :)

    Carole and Carrie - yeah, I finished editing a few weeks ago, so that's why I'm finally back to the fun part. :) Good luck!

    Shelley - As you can probably tell from most of my blog posts, I'm a fan of exclamation points!!

    Jeffrey and EJ - next week I'll be doing more reading. I finished Across the Universe and have The Book Thief and Paper Towns calling my name from the shelf in the closet where they've been sitting since X-mas...

  13. Um, I'm THINKING about writing. It's a start. I finished Mockingjay. Phew. I'm much happier already now that that's no longer hanging over my head. Reading before bed and sleep do NOT mix well. I'm exhauseted from reading that trilogy, though it was well worth it. Now, I'm napping (okay, I'm commenting here first) since I think I feel a sinus infection coming on. Erica...I'm going to attempt FINISHING my revisions/edits on Solstice so I can send it to you. That will be my equivalent of 4k. :0)


  14. I wrote 1,151 words - short story - for the Chrysalis Experiment. But that was about it :D

  15. Hi fellow crusader! Nice to meet you! Love your blog! :D

  16. You're a writing MACHINE! Wow, 4k last weekend and 4k this weekend? Awesome. I'm sure you met your goal, and I'll bet those words are not craptastic (we always think it's worse than it is, right?)

    This weekend I did LOTS of critique group reading and LOTS of revisions. Not bad!

  17. Just popped on over to introduce myself as a fellow crusader and new follower. I'm off to try challenge # 1 now!

  18. Go you! I love your song choices too (except the first two made me think of the Glee versions of the same songs).

    I haven't been writing anything lately, but I am doing some research, so I'm reading a lot of words if that counts!


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