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So, when I heard about Angela MacAllister at http://jadedlovejunkie.blogspot.com/ hosting a blogfest including food, I knew erica and christy had to be involved. Because, you know, we're all about the (food) (wine) writing! Here's a few snippets about (food) my so-far-unpublished-but-currently-being-queried YA romance, A New Day. It's random sentences that are trying to get you to know more about my (food choices) book since I'm new to this whole blogging thing. Thanks, Angela, for the idea, and good luck with your Feast! (ignore the stuff in parenthesis - my laptop's obviously acting up!)

#1 What (I) they eat in a car
"It's a junk food extravaganza, Kenz," she said shortly after we left, pointing at the back seat. She was in full-on perky mode, the one she used when selling a house. She really wanted me to accept the move. "I don't want to stop right away, so I filled a cooler with our favorites. Doughnuts, potato chips, string cheese, iced coffee, diet soda, fruit juice, I don't even know what else. Want anything?"
"I better wait. My stomach's warning me it isn't going to keep much down just yet." I wished I was kidding, but the butterflies had started working overtime the minute I woke up that morning.

#2 What (I) they eat after moving into a new house
After the last box was emptied, it was way past suppertime and the refrigerator held three cans of soda. We decided to order delivery and eat in our dining room for the first time.
"Do you have any plans this weekend?" my mom asked casually as she dug into her peanut chicken.
"Just the usual. You know, fly to Vegas, get married. Why?” What did she expect? I knew no one.
"Ha ha. My boss called earlier and said he would hire a caterer for a housewarming party here Saturday night." She paused to take a quick peek at my face before continuing. I tried to keep it neutral while contemplating what this information could mean. "A few people I work with have high school kids and maybe some of the neighbors will stop in. Remember the man who let us in here the first night? He has a son around your age."
I managed to choke out an "Okay, whatever," and tried not to gag on my lo mein.

#3 What (I) they eat on a first date
"I wasn't lying about getting help tonight. If it were up to me, we'd be eating cheese and crackers. Luckily, my mom packed the food. Are you hungry?" he asked, opening the basket.
He pulled out chicken salad wraps and mixed fruit cups. There was no junk food involved, unlike any other picnic I had been to. I hoped that meant he was trying to impress me. More likely his family never did anything as pedestrian as eat potato chips. Either way, everything he had tasted wonderful.

#4 Nothing to do with food (but definitely yummy)
God, he smelled good. I pictured myself raiding the cologne samples at the mall the next time I went there, trying to find the right one. Spraying it on my pillow at night.

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to visit our recipes tab above and keep visiting us for Mealtime Madness Mondays!


  1. What fun excerpts. I particularly like #4. :D

  2. I love the different approach you took with this blogfeast - brilliant!

    Even Zombies Have Taste

  3. #4 certainly intrigues.

    The other snippets add a zesty, fun difference to the rest of the blogfeast entries. You have a breezy, happy blog, Roland

  4. So many choices! Thats what food is all about and you presented it well :)

  5. Thanks so much you guys! I just got home from work and have to make my way through everyone else's "blogfeast" posts before starting my own dinner (we're going to a housewarming party, or I'd share the menu). And yeah, I couldn't resist adding #4!

  6. My favorite is the peanut chicken. Now I want to have some!

  7. As others have mentioned, I really like #4 -- it's a good jump from pedestrian food to something else entirely.

  8. This has been so much fun! Back from the housewarming party (chips, dips, crackers, cheese and sausage - the usual for a Wisconsin get-together) (but Theresa, the whole time I was wishing for peanut chicken!). Off to read more "blogfeast" posts.

    Thanks again everyone! Glad to meet you!

  9. Doughnuts, potato chips, string cheese, iced coffee, diet soda--yeah, I'd wanna hurl after all that, and then I might eat more of it. JK, but I really am a chip addict. I can cut off sweets forever (except good quality chocolate), but I can never cut off from chips. I'm a salty snacker :)

    Fav part: "Just the usual. You know, fly to Vegas, get married. Why?” What did she expect? I knew no one. --This sounds exactly like something my teen (he's 17) would say.

    I also enjoyed your presentation thoroughly! It was very unique. And I may or may not have done #4 when I was younger...

  10. My daughters have done #4! Tim Magraw scents their pillowcases.


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