We think you are. (Oh! and BLOGFEST ALERT!)

But we want you to admit it.  To us. 

Are you in love with your protagonist?  Maybe your protagonist's love interest?  It's okay.  There's something in them that you're slightly infatuated with.  You created them.  It's only natural.

Who did you model them after?  Someone real?  A person you wish, deep down inside, was real?

(Of course, if you were their age, unmarried and without children and all.)

We can keep a secret.  So don't be ashamed.

Just leave a teeny comment to ease our curiousity...I mean satisfy our inkling...I mean justify our statement of knowing your heart and mind.


Take a Character on a Date
Fly on the Wall BLOGFEST
October 7
  erica and christy are proud to announce their very first:

If you could take your favorite character (one you created or one you just wish you had) out to dinner...where would you take them and what would you eat and drink?  What would they eat and drink?  What would you talk about?  What would you do afterward? (Keep it [relatively] clean here, kids.)  And okay, it doesn't have to be a romantic date...it can be a friendly meeting for coffee or tea.

We're dying to know. 

Show off your creative spirit and whip up a 500 word (or less) story sharing your imaginary dinner (see below). 

We'd love to be a fly on the wall.

TO PARTICIPATE IN THE BLOGFEST, leave a comment with a link to your blog where you've posted a story (500 words or less) describing your "date" with a character of your choice.  (Wait until October 7.  Post by midnight CST.) Don't forget to come back and follow the links to find more (secret infatuations) really great writing!


  1. My MC's friend was inspired by someone real that I was interested in.

    I think this is a great idea for a blogfest. I don't think I would know what to write though. The whole dinner situation with the character actually happened with the real person ... so it wouldn't be an imaginary dinner.

  2. Hi fellow crusader - I am now a new follower. Love the idea for your blogfest and will try to remember to do this on October 7th!

  3. Hey guys! Thanks so much for following me--I returned the favor! :) Can't wait to see what you guys have up your sleeve in the future, and can't wait to participate in this great blogfest!

  4. Quinn - We don't always follow the rules, either. Blog away about your own take on the topic!

    Thanks, Julie and Miles, we're glad to have you here! We're hoping to have a very busy month of October around here, so check back when you can!

  5. ...and Quinn, you can take any character in the universe out to dinner, or for coffee, or whatever. Which fictional character would you like to meet if you could?

  6. Great idea Erica and Christy :) Count me in. I'm making Z (from my Great Blogging Experiment post) my MC in my shiny new idea manuscript (hooray!), so it will be a great chance to find out just why she's so freaked out by turtles!!! LOL

  7. Omg, I don't know which one. There are SO many I absolutely adore. I don't think I'm in love with any of them... maybe because I know their flaws, lol. I know who I'd go out with, though, and it would be a riot. I'd spend most of the night watching the fun.

  8. I'm intrigued! What an interesting prospect. I know several that I would love to meet and have dinner with ... the problem is which one? Only a week left. I better get busy!

    Looking forward to your first blogfest ladies!

  9. BTW girls, it's Michael ... I'm gideon86

  10. Brilliant idea! Count me in! :D

  11. Sounds like fun. Especially if dealing with paranormal characters who have interesting dietary requirements...

  12. All right everyone - looks like we have some good participation (and we are sooooooo excited!). See you here on October 7th. We'll post more info. that morning!

    **Oh, and Adina, we're very interested in what you might come up with here!

  13. Hi,

    I'm in, and will see what I can come up with!


  14. Wonderful! Can't wait! I haven't written mine yet. I'd better get going! Christy


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