check it out part 2

Hey all.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  If you are hopping around (I'm still struggling with some aspects of blogger.  You?)  then please visit here.  Our friend from Team (Group) 3 from the crusade interviewed us @ her blog:  Nye Louwon - My Spirit:  a search for the writer in me.  I was unable to leave a comment as blogger doesn't seem to recognize me as a member of my own site, and yet I was able to log in here to post this....  I don't get technology.  So, I 'll just try again later. 

Off to buy cleats for my five year old.  Soccer starts this week!  I used to look at all of my colleagues who worked all day and then ran around with their kids to dance, soccer, baseball, church events, back home to do homework and think, "I'll never be able to do that."  Well, never has arrived and I guess I'm just going to have to be able to.  Life just keeps getting busier and I'm not sure how the time fits itself into days that I already thought were jam packed, but apparently there are always more minutes to be used up!  Don't get  me wrong.  I'm thrilled to be at this stage in life!  I love watching him play soccer and watching the kids grow up.  I just can't believe it's here already!!!  So this week we'll be at soccer twice, a baseball event with his school once and swimming!  I'm sure those of you with older children are laughing at me right now (erica included), thinking, "Just wait, Christy.  It'll just get worse better."

Yikes.  And have I mentioned there are only 3 weeks left of school?  You wouldn't believe the mountain of grading I have to do!!!  World's Greatest Procrastinator--right here.  So I foresee a week of all nighters ahead.  Procrastinating always catches up with me in the end.  And yet I never seem to learn.


But a summer of no work deadlines is just around the corner.  So, really.  I can't complain.


  1. Yay for summer! It can not get here soon enough! Have fun grading soccer mom. ;)

  2. Good luck on all your business! 3 weeks you get some lovely time off, though! Hurray! Hope blogger starts cooperating with you!

  3. I've always been jealous of those moms, but I'm partly there, too. We started soccer a week and a half ago. We have the school budget vote and elementary school art show tomorrow. I teach French today (my one day of work - lol). But dinner is already in the slow cooker and smelling great and I'm online taking care of blogging. So life is good, albeit busy.

  4. Yay! Soccer! Boo! Grading!

    I can't possibly speak to the busy-mum thing, except to say that I'm watching you all in awe. I'm either going be the most boring mum with the most underachieving children ever, or will have to start abusing caffeine even more than I do now, if this kind of joy ever comes my way.


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