Sorry, Folks.  Posting for today crossed my mind for a second yesterday.  Then it slipped my mind the rest of the day!  I've been down and out with a sore throat and chest cold and have been sleeping every spare second. 

I have nothing writing-related to report, other than I DID write a chapter at some point this past weekend/week.  And my character ended up in the principal's office, which I totally did not see coming.  I'll have to see how that works out for her...but it might not happen until June, once school lets out.

I had fun with the joke blogfest on Monday and look fwd to visiting more blogs on the list.  I made it to 18 of the 70 in one day!  (Terrible for most, I know.  For, me it was almost a record.  I don't know how you all do it!) I have a feeling there are other bloggers out there still making the rounds on that linky?  (Or is the linky out of order now?)  This is what happens to procrastinators.

My hubby's been negative on the blogging thing again lately which doesn't help me.  He doesn't understand why I post and hop when I haven't even completed my two books.  Ah, well.  I won't quit.

Two colleagues who love to read passed along two books to me.  I hadn't planned to read again until my ms was done, but I'm not really cheating because what I really said was that I wouldn't buy and read Divergent until I'm done.  So reading Marked and A Discovery of Witches is so not breaking that meet-my-goal-before-reading-Divergent rule.  (Shhh. if you disagree!)

I've been considering buying an electrical device...for reading.  I will still totally always buy some physical books because I love them and need them to decorate my shelves so I can admire them.  Always.  However, I've been considering a nook or a kindle.  (I can't believe it myself.)  Do you have one? Which have you heard is better?  So far, I think they must be pretty comparable because all of my respsonses on my personal FB page have been split equally.  One person comments "nook" then next "i love my kindle".  Helpful.  :0)

Um, what else? 

I've forgotten.

Oh, and in response to Su's recent response to an earlier post, caffeine is a mom's best friend.  (At least in this mom's case.)

Yeah this post is just off the top of  my head. I'm  posting an hour late.  It's not scheduled ahead.  I'll get back in to the swing of things over the summer. (Promises, promises....)

This is Christy, btw.  Erica's home.  She's working on a pile of grading. I've missed her and have been thinking of her all week.  Thanks, on her behalf, for all of your kind words from Monday's post.

(so in trying to put my labels in....it appears they are still messed up from the blogger fiasco?)


  1. Sounds like you've been getting stuff done despite your cold. Hope you feel better soon~ being sick in Spring is so annoying (colds should stay in Winter where they belong)!

  2. I've had a cold this week, too. I have a Kindle and love it. The best things are being able to put my ms on it and read on the go, and the text to speech function. I listen to books now while I exercise, and can listen to my ms, too. But the Nook now comes in color which will be cool for all the new kids book apps being created. So there you go, a nice waffly response - my speciality!

  3. You wrote a chapter this week? You WIN!!!

  4. I hope you feel better! Being sick really is no fun.

    I haven't bought one yet, but I wrote a post awhile back about the nook vs. Kindle. I want the nook. http://goo.gl/6luM8

  5. Aw, I hope you feel better soon :( Great job on getting a chapter in! I'm finally getting to some long overdue editing on my WIP after a week of nothing.

    I used to be totally against ereaders, but now I'm coming around. They sure do seem nice for traveling. Anyway, I used to say Nook because you can check out library books on them (if your library offers ebooks to check out). But now Kindle has struck a deal and soon you'll be able to check books out on that as well. I've heard more people like the kindle rather than the nook, but can't say why. Easier to navigate maybe?

  6. Yay!!! I'm so glad you liked the fest Monday! And no worries. We all get behind at some point. I personally feel like I'm just digging out now. Onward and upward. And take it easy~ :o) <3

  7. sorry! And P.S., I have a Kindle, and I like it. Have a friend w/a Nook, and she likes hers. So my point = I think you can't go wrong w/either. :o)

  8. aww, you guys are great! i think you're probably right, leigh. whichever i choose to get, whenever i choose to actually go for it, i'll probably be happy. but then i'll have to buck up my willpower. there'll be nothing to keep me from buying and reading, buying and reading nonstop! i'll be a bookaholic! (with two kids, running to the bookstore on a daily basis doesn't happen. my three year old is a sassy runner.) :0) christy

  9. I have a Kobo for an e-reader- I tend to like simple things- even my cell phone is simple. Kobo doesn't have as much for downloads as kindle or nook- but it works for me and my kids, easy to read, easy updates, and there isn't a whole bunch other than that to it.

  10. I hope you get better Christy. Being sick is no fun. :(
    When you do decide to buy an e-reader go for the nook (I'm totally bias like that.) ;p
    I do understand your hubby about blogging and hopping instead of completing your books, but I think it's all part of the process and it's a good way to procrastinate (just not too much) :)
    Get better and come back full swing for a fun summer.

  11. Hi, Christy,

    One doesn't have to blog about writing everyday. That would just be to monotonous... Every now and then we just have to 'Wing it!"

  12. A teacher I work with (who remains unnamed, but IS NOT me!) calls each day of a bad week:
    Tough-it-out Tuesday
    (Fridays are our planning days)

    I think I wrote, once, a long time ago. :) Yes, Randy, she wins!!

  13. Hope you feel better soon, it doesn't sound like your writing is suffering so nevermind the rest. Take care.

  14. I'm sending you happy, healthy thoughts! As far as ereaders, I've heard a lot of great things about the Nook so I'd have to recommend that one!

  15. I really want to read Divergent. It's on my to-buy-immediately list. I'll look up the other 2 books.

    Feel better and good luck reaching your goals.

  16. Tell your hubby it's to get the creative juices flowing! Ereaders are a lot of fun; I have one. They just make it on-the-go and so easy. Feel better and good luck with the book!


  17. I have Nook for PC and Kindle for PC. As far as the real thing: I'm buying the first one that goes below $100. That's the miserly way of deciding. ;)


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