What did you do yesterday?

I (erica) have a plan to get done with my WIP by the end of July. I've been plotting and note-taking and writing this week to get my mojo back and put those important words to paper (er, laptop).

I also decided that once in awhile, you have to just go with what your gut (and kids) tells you to do. Sometimes that includes these things, all of which we did yesterday:

We slipped and slided.
(although I could've sworn these things were bigger when I was a kid)

We weeded
(yeah, I know we didn't get them all. But it's a big flippin' garden)

We played at the park
(this is actually part of the school playground. I worked, the kids played. But it still counts)

We swam at the beach
(the kids swam while I read on my Kindle. and I'm hiding behind the trees because it's really awkward to take pictures of strangers at the beach)

We sat in the shade on our front porch.
(yes, this is the view from my front porch. it's okay to be jealous, I mean not everyone has a septic system in the middle of their front yard. :)

Then, we napped.
(yes, my 5-year-old naps with a machine gun. you know, in case of the zombie apocalypse)

I wrote absolutely zero words. And I don't feel one tiny bit bad about it. How about you? Done anything fun lately?


  1. Great way to spend the day, just as important as writing.
    I was envious of your view -- the hills beyond your yard. I truly didn't notice the septic system until you mentioned it. Then I cracked up. First laugh of the day. Thanks!

  2. Well, as you know, I held the painter's hand and made a book teaser. But this looks WAY more fun!

  3. Awesome pics. Love the machine gun. That slip-n-slide does look smaller than I remember.

    I plan on writing and reading this weekend.

    Have a great 4th!

  4. WOW,

    You certainly have some gorgeous property and vistas! It's too bad it only lasts for four months. I recall the snow and mud slides in the last pics. LOL.

    No fun for me yesterday. I'm redecorating my Oh so formal living room to make it more conducive to work in. I need to be able to illustrate and write easily and with all the oversized down sofas and chairs it didn't work for me. Plus after seven years I needed a MAJOR change. So the fabu new leather sofas arrived yesterday and it took me most of the day to re-accessorize. Today the charity I am donating the other furniture to is coming to pic up. YAY... Having extra furniture around isn't fun. IT kind of breaks up the flow.... LOL.

  5. Good for you! It sounds like a full day of wonderful things. We have to allow ourselves to do that and I think sometimes we forget that. Experiencing life can be credited to research for writing, so in a way, you were working. ;)

  6. I took the girls swimming again last Monday and it was fantastic to get out and away from homework. Have a great Holiday weekend!

  7. Oh my. I haven't used a Slip N Slide in ages. Good for you!

  8. Nap--that's the best idea I've heard all day. Glad you're trying to get your mojo back. Keep writing.

  9. What an awesome day! Sometimes we just need to have days like that.

    My 5 year old doesn't nap with a machine gun, but mostly because he hasn't napped since he was 3 (poor me). But somehow everything gets turned into a gun, including napkins at the lunch table.

    I thought my husband had a big flipping garden - you certainly have us beat.

    We spent today at our local 6 Flags park and had an awesome day. Now my husband is about to make us some grownup milk shakes. No words written today, but I did a little research.


  10. @ erica: I just got back from vacation where we did a bunch of fun activities as well. Glad you took time away from writing and had some quality family time!

    @vicki: today we stopped and visited family on our way home. the boy that lived there had guns. my kids do not, and they were on cloud nine. HOWEVER, my kids may not have guns, but that has never stopped them from playing with them. EVERYTHING can be a gun with a great imagination...so true. :0)

  11. Your day sounds amazing! I love days where you get no writing done, but you feel satisfied because it felt like you just took the day to live. :)

  12. Love this post and all your wonderful pictures. You have a garden and a half! Someone must love the ride on mower. :-)

    I grew up with septic, and that was the spot where the grass grew thickest and greenest but the cows would never touch it! Smart cows...

  13. Good for you! Those UNwriterly days will fill your mind and give you something to write about on your writerly days. ;o) I just went camping this weekend! First day off in a long time. It was great, walking on the beach, making a campfire, etc.


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