What's Up?

Whether the term is What's up?

Or, yanno, the other one:

I want to know. What's up with you?? Because, well, I walked into school on Monday thinking I had 3 teachers in my department and walked out with only me. (no, it was not my fault!) I'm still short one. And yes, the other two are me. I'm now two separate and distinct teachers. In one body. And a mom. And a wife. And a writer. And, well, a person. Umm...this could be interesting. Thank goodness I'm creative!!

So PLEASE - tell me about all the things you've accomplished lately! I BEG YOU!!! 


  1. Hello Ladies!

    Fellow Campaigner, writer, and former teacher here! See how much we have in common already? lol Looking forward to this. How about you?

    See you around!


  2. Crap. That sucks. I hope people didn't get let go.
    I am heading the PTA and this week has been a logistical nightmare. I have spent more time on the phone than I ever thought possible.
    And all I have done is read a ton of book and write one measly revised chapter in my book.
    I've pretended to do my job, but really, haven't done much there either. Please Sept. needs to come now.

  3. Guess you'll be using this in your next book, yes? Geez, that totally blows. Remember: caffeine and chocolate. In as copious amounts as necessary.

  4. Egads! That IS a surprise! I am not a teacher, but I certainly admire those of you who are. :)

    I haven't accomplished much lately, but I'm in your YA group for the Campaign and I hope to accomplish a lot over the next few weeks. Cheers!

  5. Come on, people, I want success stories!

    As in - I hired a teacher today, yay!! (which actually is my story - yay!)

  6. OKAY. OKAY. My classroom "looks" organized. How's that for success after only 11.5 hours???? YEAH! TOP THAT PEOPLE! christy

  7. I do have a sort of success story - which is adding 350wds to my WIP in the last week. The fortnight before was *nothing* so it's kind of progress. Where's that $#%^ muse gone to...


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