name my baby or number sheep for me to count

i'm going to have a baby around christmastime.  is it christmas time?  whatever.

anyways.  he'll be my third boy.  i love him.  although saying goodbye to the visions of one day wedding dress shopping with my daughter and getting manicures and pedicures together and learning how to french braid her hair drew a tear or two.  i'm not gonna lie.

but this little boy is cute even in ultrasound pics.  just ask the technician. she said he was photogenic.  i'm sure she never told that to anyone before us.  and he's a little party animal.  he throws a party for himself every night around 10:30.

so now that i've crossed the names emily and josie off my list, i need to fill it with boy names.  i had one picked out, from before i was pregnant (because i couldn't get pregnant without deciding on a name first), but Hubby doesn't like it.  (Lucas John...the John part stays. it's my dad's name.  Luc John.)  Not that he doesn't like the name itself, but he isn't fond of a person it reminds him of.  Or something along those lines.

Sawyer.  that's today's name.  Reid was another name a few weeks ago.

but i'm open to suggestions.

do you have any two-syllable boy names for me? (two-syllables sounds better with one-syllable John in the middle)

thanks. :0) 


also, you should know, it was very important that i worked on my wip as hard as i did over the summer because now that school is starting i can tell.  it's not going to get worked on nearly as much.

i'm. wiped. out.

besides the stress and hours spent working instead of writing.  i. can't. sleep. 

and let you tell me, the nightless sleeps are keeping me totally awake and when my alarm goes off in the morning i wake up tired.



  1. Aidan...Daniel...Marcus...Ryan. Just what came to me immediately! Naming real children is MUCH harder than naming book characters I find. John is a lovely middle name though.

    Hope you get some sleep soon, but pregnancy hormones really don't make that easy, do they?

    Take care! Sending some sleepy vibes your way...

  2. Are you going to call him by a first name/middle name conjunction? Like Billy-Joe? Because I think that makes a difference. Most of the two syllable names I can think of off the top of my head don't sound great if you say the middle name in conjunction with it.

    Otherwise: Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! When I was expecting my daughter, we didn't know what gender she was going to be and I was leaning toward either Grayson or Tristan for a boy.

  4. Remus John!!!! erm.

    I do like the flow though, of the 'us' before John (Lucas has it too).

    What about Alexander John? I like most of the suggestions already given, too.

  5. Aw, hang in there, Mama. I remember teaching while pregnant - it was exhausting. Teaching also makes it harder to decide on baby names because you have so many associations to students. I like Sawyer. But I also liked Lucas (though I prefer Luke). Caleb. Noah. Hmm, getting Biblical.

  6. Know you're happy with your party animal. Would love to suggest a name but I suck at male names.
    Better sleep now cause later.....

  7. You poor thing! I'm sending you good sleeping vibes right now... As for names, what about something that reflects his ancestry? Either on your side or dad's.

  8. I'm a fan of Nicholas, Nathanial, Gabriel and Aiden (which was already mentioned). I'm sorry to hear you aren't sleeping. Hang in there.

  9. You all ROCK! Thanks so much! Remus...hmm...I already suggested Caleb and Greyson and Grayden, and others to my hubby while pregnant with baby #2...no go. Hubby's name is Nathan, though I love the name Nathaniel. i'll have to do a little more research on family history. Grandpa's are Norbert, Earl, Eugene, Alfred. Our dad's names together make John Wayne. LOL! Great suggestions to think about! I think (hope) that after I get settled in a school schedule I'll sleep better. Otherwise, I'll just have to wait until January when I can sleep on my stomach again...of course then I'll be up every two hours with the unnamed party animal! christy

  10. Congrats on your baby!

    Just stopping by to say hello to a fellow campaigner.


  11. New follower and fellow campaigner stopping by to say hello. Congratulations on your baby boy. I love the names Wyatt, Martin and Avery.

  12. I think Jacob John sounds perfect. :)

  13. I like Reid, but that's mostly because I'm a Criminal Minds fan. Although I have to say that I'm not wild about any of the real-life Reids that I know.
    I suppose John-Luc is out of the question?

  14. I've got three girls and no boys.

    I do think a name should mean something. If I would have had a boy, his name would have been Robert James after my dad, uncle and my two brothers. (Robert and James are old family names)

    Would you go with John as a first name? If so... John David is a very strong name.

    Good luck with all the choices out there.


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