Things that are nonfiction

1. The state of Wisconsin has a public-school start-date of September 1st.
2. People tell me it is now September 1st.
3. I have 53 children coming to my preschool program today. I know/recognize approximately 20 of them.
4. At 8:00 this morning, there will be 33 small children waiting for me to serve them breakfast.
5. None of the children will know my name. They'll just look at me with wide eyes. I will not look into them in case I become hypnotised and forget to serve breakfast.
6. The teacher I work with started yesterday. She knows no one and gets lost trying to get from the front door to our room (schools are confusing - why is that?). Tomorrow will probably not be her finest teaching day ever. We'll get there!
7. I will have no time to check my computer for the remainder of the day. You should still comment and see if I live through the day at all.
8. When we take said 53 (primarly unknown) children to the bus, many prayers for safe voyage and returns will be said.
9. christy and I both send our sons to kindergarten tomorrow. christy is sad. Send her good wishes!!*

*it isn't that I'm not amazed by how fast time flies. But it's my youngest and christy's oldest, so that makes a difference. Plus, I can look out my classroom window directly into my son's classroom any time I want. My 5th grader, though - it makes me a little sad that he's so old, er that I'm so old!!


  1. Kindergarten is such a milestone but when you see how much your kids love it and ready for it - it's worth it! :)

  2. I remember those days of returning to the classroom, especially when you have such young children coming to you. Good luck with the new school year and with your youngest starting kindergarten:)

  3. christy is sad about kindergarten, but you are not??? you two crack me up. i am keeping my fingers crossed for you. 3 year olds are tough.

  4. Hello from the campaign trail, ladies!

    Good luck with the school yearh :)

  5. Good luck on your first day! I hope it goes fantastic. And sending Christy good thoughts... sorry hon, they have to grow up. :-) (((hugs)))

  6. Nothing matches first day in pre-school.
    Kindergarten is a tear jerker, all the way up to grandma.
    Best year ever, ladies.

  7. How I love being shocked by students showing up on the first day!

  8. LOL! "Christy is sad"... umm... you? :D

    That is too too cute. I just love the idea of you guys working with all those little ones. They really are so precious~ :o) <3

  9. Oh my ! Definitely a stressful day for you! But I hope it turned out marvelous. That is a lot of children.

    my youngest (twins) have one more year to kindergarten... that will be hard. Sending your first kid to kindergarten = exciting, a little scary. Last kid to kindergarten = I think I will feel sad.

    We are in the same Campaigner group again! YAY! Lots of other brand new faces so it was nice to see one (ahem, I mean two) of you that were familiar.

  10. Good luck! My son is in 4th grade now, and it is really scary sometimes. Where did the time go?

  11. Hogwarts is in Wisconsin? That explains the long train ride from London...


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