A cute kid story, a thought about princesses, and a status update

What does the fourth day of fall have to do with music? Absolutely nothing. Neither does this next story, except I think it's funny. And so you get a cute kid story with your music. Do with them as you will. (just don't leave us for long.)

And yes, there's a status update at the end. And no, it's not "we did nothing."

My (erica) son Jacob is five and a total social butterfly. When he turned 2, he could only say 8 words and we had him evaluated for special needs (which is really, really heartwrenching when you're an early childhood special education teacher, let me tell you!). He still doesn't have all his sounds and his memory for words is a little, well, short [i.e. almost nonexistent] - it takes him awhile to learn new vocabulary words, his articulation is a bit muffled, and names don't like to stick. He calls one girl in his class "the naughty girl with polka-dots on her face).

But man, he loves people. And he loves to talk (when he can get his point across). And, um, well, he loves girls most of all. Case in point:

Last Friday, his kindergarten teacher was talking about things that grow up. People, plants, animals - everything gets big eventually. So she asked them individually about what it means to get big. Which invariably led to answers of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Here were their answers (my classroom is across the hall, so I got to see where she wrote them down, so these are roughly correct):

Boy #1: Baseball player
Boy #2: Football player
Girl #1: Princess
Girl #2: God's Princess
Boy #3: Cop
Girl #3: Princess
Boy #4 (aka erica's son): Well, I guess if there are gonna' be this many princesses, I'd better be a prince!

So many to choose from...

So, seriously, what is it with the princesses? Is this what our girls are aspiring to? Because as a preschool teacher, yes, it's what every girl wants to be. No public service message here, necessarily. But why are so many beautiful girls becoming princesses by seemingly chance? Kiss a frog, sure, here's your crown. Take care of short men, sure, here's your crown. Fall asleep for years, sure, here's your crown. Also, your beautiful dresses, mani/pedi, flowers galore, and an adoring nation. Congratulations, you're perfect.

Okay, maybe a tiny public service message. But, um, no preaching. (erica takes a deep breath and moves on) (mostly because she's the one with the son who now wants to be a prince)

What else was I going to say today? Oh, yeah, statuses. Stati. What we did this week.

erica: I loaded my ms onto my Kindle. Heck, I critique everyone else's books on it, why not my own? And you know what - it totally worked. This rocks. I am having more fun editing now than I had. .  . well, ever. And that's saying a lot, because I really like to edit. (and I reserve the right to start most of my blog sentences with the word And. You know, to get it out of my system). I'm on chapter 8 of a 17 chapter ms. yes, it's the same one I've worked on for 2 years, but now I love it again. It even reads like a book. So exciting.

christy: Finished another full edit of her ms and is ready for round 2 of crit partners. Hopes to query soon. (she probably has more to say about this, so I'll let her. for now, let me say, she's really excited. she emailed me late last night to brag let me know!)

How about you? Any cute kid stories? Princess stories and/or bashing? (okay, I can't be the only princess basher out there, can I???) Status updates?

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  1. I rewrote all the princess stories for my daughter when she was 3. Cinderella was mad at her stepmom bc she wouldn't let her go to medical school. The prince wanted to be a dentist, but his parents didn't understand. They found a connection in these shared "traumas" and ended up being great friends.

    Camp Feminist: Fun for Girls and Boys EVERYWHERE.

  2. Haha. I have a socialite son also whose name is Jacob, maybe that has something to do with it. ???

    And just for clarification, I believe Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were actually princesses BEFORE the dwarves and sleeping for years. So it's not a "luck of the draw" issue, it's a "born to privilege" issue we need to snuff out. :)

  3. This was an adorable post! I love that he wanted to be a prince to take care of all those princesses. My daughter currently wants to be a pirate ballerina. She goes around the house saying, "Argg, Matey!" and then doing a twirl :)

  4. Princess look prettier when they carry guns, better yet, swords. Who was the name of that Lord of the Rings chick who could kick butt?

    I don't remember off the top of my head, but she rocked. And your son sounds adorable. I too love staring my sentences with "and."

  5. LOL! Erica's son is one smart cookie. She'll have to watch out for that one when he gets older. ;)

    Yay for editing! Congrats on your progress ladies. I'm editing book 2 to my debut novel and am loving every second of it. Something about improving my novels makes me very happy. :)

  6. I love your son's rationale. It's awesome.

  7. erica, your post rocks and so do these fab comments today. i'd love a copy of those stories, christa!

    fave quote: Well, I guess if there are gonna' be this many princesses, I'd better be a prince!

    you go, jacob!!!!!


  8. I think princesses are a phase most girls go through. After having a boy and a girl, I can honestly say that most of my nuture was ignored by their nature.

    That said, things like child pageants aren't helping our girls.

    I have a story to share. My daughter had a crush on one of her older brother's friends. My son said something like, "She's pretty so when she's older all of my friends will want to date her. That will leave all the girls in my grade for me."


  9. Okay,

    So what's wrong with a FIVE YEAR OLD wanting to be a princess. I think it's adorable. Let them be children and fantasize about castles, pretty clothes, tiaras, and princes. Children grow up WAY too fast. Let them dream.

    I LOVE your son's answer. I totally cracked up. Smart little guy. Very perceptive.

    SO glad you're enjoying your editing.

    YAY for Christy... tell her to email me. I haven't heard from her in AGES!

    Today I wrote my entry for Esquire's magazine contest. I posted it today and would LOVE to know what you think.

  10. Love that story - your little guy sure has a good head on his shoulders! Love it! :)

    I really have to try my book on my Kindle too. Just have to get some time to figure it out... :)

  11. I wanted to be a princess, but I'm 1) Not English. 2) Not Anglican. 3) Too old for William. So there ya go.

    Status update: I took a test today for a class that matters and I'm pretty sure she'll use my answers as examples of what not to do from now on.

    Better status update: I had a consultation with a writer today and managed to convince her, a little, that she should never use 6 words when 1 will do. Here's hoping.

  12. Even when I was a kid the princess thing was important. I used to stare at the picture of the 12 dancing princesses in my Grimm's fairy tale book--they were magical. ;)

  13. There are a lot of princesses out here waiting for your little guy! Very sweet story.

  14. Ahh! I love your son's answer!

    And how do you use your Kindle to review your work? I've only used it to review one person's manuscript, but I couldn't figure out how to get the notes I'd made into a document I could send her. Very frustrating!

  15. Your son's answer is the cutest thing ever! Smart kid! I'm a self-proclaimed princess (on a budget). Does that count???

  16. It's a new editing world when you upload to kindle. It allows you to read your story as a regular book... a must have for writers.
    That kid story is too cute. See there, even tho he may be short on words, he's a smart cookie! Boys just learn verbal expression slower than girls. My daughter's 5 and she speaks like an adult... I'm always amazed at her vocabulary and how well she uses words in sentences. My son, on the other hand, who's almost 7, was not like that at all. He still has trouble expressing himself, tho much better than when he was 5. And both my young toddler nephews didnt really speak words til they were 3. It's just the way boys and girls are, I think.... and is it any different when we're older?? Not much. Women still like to talk about feelings, men like to grunt a lot and watch sports or try to fix stuff. ;)

  17. BAH!!!! Sounds to me like your son is just fine. Smart cookie! :D You know, it must just be the age b/c my oldest was in a little festival pageant (I know--*cringe*), and all the little girls had to say what they wanted to be. The winning answer was veterinarian! Who knew? Mine? Fashion designer. Coulda knocked me over w/a feather...

    OK, now HOW are you editing on your Kindle? Please share~ <3


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