writing vs. running

Why writing is better than running.

I can listen to music without earphones.
Sometimes they hurt. Or fall out.  (I have small ears.)

The mood for writing is perfectly set in overcast, stormy, sunny, or windy weather.
I only enjoy running on still, sunny days.

I can eat and drink while writing without getting a sideache.
I hate carrying a water bottle or wearing one of those water belts while running. I tend to stop at hospitals to use the bubbler (aka water fountain).

I don't have to stretch before or after writing.
Yeah, sometimes I skip that after my runs, too.  But it causes stiffness and pain.

I can write AND watch my kids at the same time. 
I don't have to sneak out before the crack of dawn to get my run in before the rest of the household is up and needing breakfast and clothing and to be driven somewhere.  Or in need of constant supervision.  You know, from my couch, with laptop close at hand.
For Christmas, I'm asking for a jogging stroller.  So there goes this excuse.

I can write throughout my pregnancy without asking my doctor's permission or worrying about my heart rate.
I bought a heart monitor during my first pregnancy.  I couldn't even walk without my heart rate going too high.  And I was in pretty good shape in those days.  (Today I can't even walk up stairs without losing my breath. So I don't bother trying to do more.  Although I did 15 plies in second position while waiting for my toast to pop up this morning.)

And I got a full ms written and edited and revised much more quickly since running disappeared from my life. 

I suppose I'd better get another ms done before February when I start training for a half-marathon.

Because even though writing is WAY better than running, I miss putting on my tennis shoes and ear phones and getting out in the cool fall air for miles of exercise. 

I also miss wine.  Oops.  Off-topic.

That's my cue to end this post.

Do you write and run?  When's your ideal time/weather for each? Does your running soundtrack differ from your writing soundtrack?

 Have a fantastic day, Friends!  Thanks for stopping by. 



  1. I'd miss running, def. I don't listen to music b/c I think better without it and that's when a lot of plot problems are solved.

  2. I can't seem to build the stamina to run. But I do walk regularly and listen to books on tape while I do. It gives me the opportunity to read more books and I've learned a lot from listening to them that I apply to writing. Plus I sit WAY too much. Though it does take away from writing time.

  3. I write and run. I listen to music while running, but can't while writing. Like Laura, I think about my plots while running and work a lot of things out. I actually get more sore from writing than running. It's the running that keeps me from getting too stiff from al the sitting!

  4. If it weren't for running, I wouldn't have books to write. My ideas and solutions to plot problems come to me when I run. This is why I hate to miss a run. :D

  5. Oh yay for writing and running! I am the head of run club and I still can't seem to figure out a half-marathon. You rule.

  6. I'm terribly opposed to running unless something is chasing me that's big enough to bite me in two. I do love to exercise though because it seems to unblock things. But running, ugh, no, for all the reasons you said and more!

  7. argh! You are not helping me in my mental guilt trip to get off my tushie and get out there running! Point in running's favor = you feel better after running! :D

  8. While writing, the thing I'm drinking from rarely leaks red Gatorade all over my writing skirt. The same cannot be said for my running paraphernalia.

    My running & writing soundtrack both include Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but I think that's the only intentional crossover.

    (I don't have a writing skirt. But if I did, I would probs spill tea on it, not Gatorade.)


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